What is TandemVu?

Most cameras we see today are static cameras covering a fixed scene, and their fields of view are usually limited. That means cameras can lose sight of things at the edges of their field of view. Conversely, the use of PTZ cameras cannot guarantee a comprehensive view, especially when it starts to pan, tilt, or zoom in to check on moving objects. This is when "blind spots" occur.


But now, TandemVu, Hikvision's next-generation camera design, integrates multiple lenses into one unit to provide the big picture and small details in tandem, boasting reliable and even greater security performance. 

How does TandemVu work?

simultaneous cameras

As its name implies, TandemVu employs two security camera approaches that can be viewed simultaneously. TandemVu Cameras combine two or more lenses into one unit. More specifically, the upper lens is fixed to provide a big picture of the targeted security zone at all times, while the bottom lens can pan, tilt, and/or zoom in on small details. During the zooming process, users will continue to maintain both viewpoints for maximum security with complete situational awareness. 

Features and benefits of TandemVu

tandem camera

Comprehensive security coverage with no “blind spots”

Cameras with TandemVu technology allow security teams to continue monitoring large areas with no interruptions, while simultaneously zooming in to monitor specific security incidents that occur. This ensures that there are never security blind spots related to zooming, tilting, or panning.


Extraordinary image performance

Clear and color images are valuable in every security environment. One great advantage of TandemVu-style cameras is their outstanding imaging capability. They incorporate Hikvision’s flagship ColorVu and DarkFighter imaging technologies in their fixed and PTZ/bullet lenses respectively, producing crystal-clear, full-color images 24/7. This ensures that every security incident is recorded in fine detail by the tandem camera.


Multiple AI functions for varied security needs

Deep Learning algorithms are also woven into the cameras, with each channel dedicated to specific types of intelligence. Take, for example, the DeepinView bullet cameras with TandemVu: the camera’s upper lens supports intelligent perimeter protection at all times, while its bottom lens features switchable AI algorithms for enhanced needs such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), facial recognition, and multi-target-type detection

 AI functions on tandem camera

Two-in-one design for cost savings

With two lenses integrated into one single unit, the benefits are numerous. Users get more than just a great camera. For example, users eliminate the need to deploy two separate cameras with doubled purchasing cost, installation, and maintenance, as well as the required technical skills for product linkage. The camera's two-in-one design also means there is only one IP channel to manage, and only one license is needed on the video management software (VMS) platform.

Where can I use TandemVu?

Intelligent Applications of Hikvision’s TandemVu PTZ Cameras

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Hikvision products with TandemVu

Hikvision TandemVu technology is now built into select PTZ cameras and bullet cameras. While PTZ cameras provide wider area coverage, the new bullet camera offerings perform in smaller sites with “the big picture and small details in one view” – such as entrances and exits of industrial parks, perimeters of enclosed places, and much more.

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