6-in-one Switchable Algorithms


What if you have a new challenge facing your security solution? Changing your cameras could be cumbersome and expensive.

The latest IA chipset in the Dedicated Series cameras means that they can support six switchable Deep Learning algorithms in one housing. An algorithm can be enabled manually for dedicated use, then later switched to another use as needed. This provides flexibility in any solution, with the same camera able to deliver different features.



Perimeter Protection

External perimeter security system for detection of intruders outside – before they can do any damage.

AI can be used to enhance the accuracy of this detection. It dramatically reduce false alarms, by specifically focusing on vehicle and/or human movement only.

Queue detection

Queue Detection

Uses cameras to count the number of people in a line. Once a threshold has been reached, and if more people are continuing to wait, the system can alert store management. This is especially useful in the retail sector, improving the shopping experience and increasing turnover.

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Adaptive people counting

Adaptive People Counting

Having accurate numbers of people passing through a space can be very useful. This advanced technology uses AI to discount people from the total, for example, employees and repeat visitors. So vital business intelligence is more reliable.

This is especially useful in retail and leisure sectors.

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Hard hat detection

Fatal accidents can easily happen on construction sites, making monitoring of hard hat wearing very important. This video-based solution automatically detects hard hats accurately on an individual to solve this safety issue.

Useful in all industrial and construction environments.

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Multi-target detection

When an individual is being searched, various elements of their description can be helpful. The camera uses AI to recognize things like age, gender, spectacles, shirt color, bags, and if they have a bicycle with them.

This can be handy in a mall or high street environment.

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Dedicated DeepinView cameras Facial recognition

Facial Recognition

Video capture and AI can be used to create accurate Facial Recognition technology. With user consent, this can be used in numerous scenarios to keep people safe, enhance business operations, as well as improve our everyday lives with optimized services. 

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