With increasing distractions and things to keep an eye on, security guards need to constantly watch screens to keep people and property safe and secure. And now the nature of business means managers need to determine the number of people in an area, for example - both for safety and for improving business. In short, there could be multiple needs for maximizing safety, security and business intelligence. Each one has its own challenges.

Hikvision’s new Dedicated DeepinView Sub-series cameras face these challenges, bringing reduced costs, improved efficiency, and speedy and effective incident response, using the power of AI.

The series includes cameras with multiple dedicated algorithms that can be selected and engaged based on customer needs, then switched as those needs change, making them flexible for installers and users alike. It also includes smart vehicle analysis cameras.

The cameras boast impressive image quality, with technologies like DarkFighter and Lightfighter for HD images - even at night, and smooth streaming. They can be widely used in retail, industrial complexes, office buildings, and other scenarios.

The series is designed to be as flexible as possible, not only in its ability to change a camera’s main function, but in the simple way third parties can integrate further capabilities, adding even more value. All in all, these cameras make ideal components in a wide range of smart, diverse solutions.