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Hik-ProConnect is a convergent, cloud-based solution reducing on-site visits and cost


Hik-ProConnect is a powerful remote maintenance solution, which helps reduce the need for onsite visits and escalating costs. No matter if it's for installation or maintenance, with Hik-ProConnect in place, security teams can manage multiple sites remotely. It creates streamlined operational workflow and powerful remote maintenance capability, which help to reduce costs.


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Proactive Centralised Device Health Monitoring


  1. With a clear dashboard, the health status of all devices is shown in order.

  2. Instant notifications are sent to the installer’s portal, app, or email as configured, prompting them to identify the abnormal devices.
    The installer can then solve problems online quickly and easily via remote configuration, saving time and winning customer trust.
Proactive Centralised Device Health Monitoring
Flexible Linkage Across Devices


Flexible Linkage Across Devices


Flexible linkage rules across Hikvision devices can be easily customised as required to ensure a comprehensive security system; end users can receive alarms through their Hik-Connect App with video verification. In the below example:


  • The Camera and NVR capture and record the intruder and send alarms.

  • The access control closes the door.




Your company logo will appear on the screen when your customer opens the Hik-Connect app, helping promote awareness of your brand, creating added value and differentiation, and strengthening your products and services.

Temperature Screening and Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection -
Temperature Screening Solution


Key features for installers

  • Device remote configuration
  • Device health monitoring, e.g. online/offline
  • Enable Temperature Screening add-on


Key features for end users

  • Video snapshot with customer’s face, temperature, with or without mask.
  • Warning if temperature is abnormal or mask is not worn.
  • Support LAN connection with camera or NVR


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Density Control


Key features for installers

  • Device remote configuration, e.g. enable/disable push notification
  • Device health monitoring, e.g. online/offline
  • Enable Density Control add-on


Key features for end users

  • Alarm notification when the number exceeds the limit.
  • Check the info of available to enter and people inside of each group
  • Generate report for logs with Excel and send to specific Email address 


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Density Control
Reduced Installation Time


Reduced Installation Time


  • A unified web portal supports adding devices in batches and quickly configuring device parameters.
  • The brand-new Hik-ProConnect app supports the on-site installation of video and alarm devices without the need of a laptop.
  • Installers can add and configure devices and ask for customers’ authorization remotely via Hik-ProConnect app, optimizing and shortening the delivery process.
  • Cloud P2P technology is available for quicker, easier setup without traditional port forwarding.
Further Advantages


Further Advantages

  • Employee and permission management
  • Customer authorization for site management
  • Subscription offers to expand recurring revenue