Hikvision PanoVu cameras help South Korea to track pollution hot-spots

Hikvision PanoVu cameras help South Korea to track pollution hot-spots

Helping to identify the location of erroneous odors around the Metropolitan City of Deagu in South Korea, Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier in innovative video surveillance products and solutions, has supplied PanoVu series 180 degree Panoramic + PTZ cameras to form part of an integrated atmospheric information system.

Airborne bad odor problem

In response to complaints about airbourne bad odors emanating from the dyeing industry complex in the western region of Deagu, in July 2016, Daegu’s Metropolitan City’s economic, environmental and industrial dyeing stakeholders decided to go-ahead with an atmospheric information project. The project, for a bad odor monitoring and tracking system, would help provide an effective and welcome solution to the bad odor issue.

System specification

To secure a high-performance imaging solution that would capture high-quality panoramic, and separate PTZ imaging over the entire city, Seo-gu Office turned to Hikvision, who proposed the PanoVu DS-2DP0818Z-D Series 180 degree Panoramic camera, with combined 4 fixed 2MP cameras and 36x optical zoom PTZ camera.
Providing a demonstration of the camera’s suitability, a test installation was conducted in Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea's largest industrial area. The Hikvision PanoVu camera demonstration was deemed a success, and also regarded as ‘a perfect fit’ for the monitoring system’s requirement.

At the new atmospheric information system’s control point, 2 sets of 4 PanoVu DS-2DP0818Z-D cameras, 11 malodor measuring instruments and two weather measurement instruments are monitored to visually pinpoint the source of any atmospheric bad odor release. 

The result

"The Seo-gu Office Atmosphere Monitoring Centre is extremely pleased with the high-resolution PanoVu cameras’ picture quality,” says Joey Kim, SI Team, Hikvision Korea. “The atmospheric information system’s pollution monitoring sensors and integrated PanoVu PTZ cameras can define the precise location of triggered events, and automatically track and target the precise location of event actuations."

The director of Seo-gu Office said: "The operation of the new atmospheric information system has created a cleaner and more comfortable living environment.”

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