Hikvision Introduces New Traffic Monitoring Cameras

Hikvision Introduces New Traffic Monitoring Cameras

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, announces its new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution, which offers vehicle recognition technology embedded into cameras. This gives users the ability to detect and recognise vehicles from their licence plates, capturing a range of information, including country registered, related image and speed information (with radar). This has a multitude of applications, including road traffic management and Entry/Exit management.

The technology boasts a 99% capture rate and a 98% recognition rate*. It can also support vehicle speeds of up to 160kmh. The cameras include Hikvision’s Darkfighter technology with a minimum illumination capability of 0.002lux. The range also includes vandal-proof design cameras (IK10) and cameras for all weather conditions (IP66).

Analytics from ANPR can be sent to smart NVR or VMS software for data management. Users can search for, and view, captured licence plates and see related information according to plate search conditions, including start/end time, country and number.

“The high specifications of the image, recognition and capture accuracy make this the perfect choice for traffic management and analysis”, said Hikvision’s ANPR Product Manager. “The open solution technology can also be integrated into management systems or connected to access systems to make it easy to employ in existing security solutions.”

* based on city road tests in EU and Russia

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