Hikvision Reveals 5-inch IR Network PTZ Dome Cameras

Hikvision Reveals 5-inch IR Network PTZ Dome Cameras

February 11, 2015    Hikvision, the global leader in innovative video surveillance products and solutions, is introducing a range of attractively priced 5-inch IR PTZ dome cameras to the security market. Offering industry-leading IR capability of up to 150m and innovative manufacturing design, the new cameras deliver unrivalled image quality. This compact design is ideal for middle-tier security needs, such as schools, parking lots and squares, for instance.


Black anti-reflective glass
The new 5-inch IR PTZ dome camera range is engineered with an innovative black anti-reflective glass for improved infrared light transmittance. This glass conceals the IR lights to protect the camera from any possible tampering or intrusion at night, whilst delivering even clearer images in low-light environments. The anti-reflective glass has an infrared light transmittance rate of over 90% compared with the 80% offered by traditional PTZ cameras. With an IR range of up to 150m and 20X optical zoom, the new cameras are ideal for perimeter intrusion detection, especially at night time.


Reliable pan/tilt capability
With an endless 360° pan range at speeds of up to 400°/s, and a tilt range of -15°~90° at speeds of up to 200°/s, the 5-inch IR PTZ ensures complete and timely video capture across a large area without missing any critical objects.


USB keyboard advantages
To maximize the user experience, Hikvision has also introduced a USB keyboard to control the PTZ dome by directly accessing DVR, NVR, or client software without any configuration. The keyboard can control almost all of the cameras functions, such as PTZ control, picture capture, and video recording, while USB HID protocol is also supported.


In addition, Hikvision also offers an analog 5-inch IR PTZ dome camera model should customers need a non-digital alternative.

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