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Retail businesses serve a variety of purposes in local neighborhoods – from local corner shops and supermarkets right up to large malls with restaurants and entertainment. Because of that, they accommodate heavy traffic of both customers and employees every day. Today, retail employees have the added challenge of helping crowds maintain safe social distancing to minimize undue risks. That’s why Hikvision created a tailored solution for retail that can be applied effectively for flow control and precise contact distance detection, contributing to a safer environment and better shopping experience for customers.


Easy and Dynamic Flow Control
Easy and intuitive customer flow management with market-proven people counting technology


Multi-Site Temperature Screening
A variety of products and measures for safe and efficient temperature screening in all areas


Fully Touch-Free Access
Embedded facial recognition for hands-free access authentication in key areas


Highly Centralized Management
Instant visualization of emergency events and overall statistics for situational awareness



Temperature Screening

Preliminary temperature screening and mask detection should be completed at start of the retail experience – at the entrance. Hikvision’s camera models with higher resolution make it possible to measure multiple persons’ temperatures at a time, with additional functions of mask detection.


Recommended Products:

Highly efficient temperature screening & mask detection with thermographic camerasDS-2TD2617B-6/PA; DS-2TD2636B-13/PDS-2TD1217B-3/PA



Flow Control

Under some conditions, the number of customers entering should be maintained effectively. With Hikvison’s flow control technology, the number of customers entering can be maintained in real-time.




Recommended Products:

Fusion Intelligence People Counting Camera: iDS-2CD7146G0-IZS

DeepinView Camera: iDS-2CD7146G0-IZSiDS-2CD7126G0-IZS



Information Display

Figures from Hikvision cameras can be displayed on digital signage, which supports instant visualization of people numbers, temperature and face mask status, while serving as media player for a variety of advertisement.


Recommended Products:

Instant visualization of temperature and mask detection on digital signage or monitors

Digital signage: DS-D6055FL-B/S, DS-D6022FN-B, DS-D6032FN-B



Store Entrances

Temperature Screening

For the entrances of individual shops, Hikvision’s MinMoe terminals can be applied for temperature screening and mask detection. This popular face recognition terminal can also be used to heighten security in sensitive areas.


Recommended Products: 

  • Temperature screening and mask detection with MinMoe terminals: DS-K1T671TM-3XF



Social Distancing & Area Popularity Analytics

For counters where there might be long queues, social distancing compliance is vital. Dual-lens cameras can measure the distance between people accurately and generate auto-alarms when they get too close together. Queue management cameras trigger notifications to front desk managers when a long queue builds up and too many people gather together, facilitating measures to keep less people in the waiting zone and elevate customer experience.


Recommended Products: 

  • Interpersonal distance control with dual-lens cameras: DS-2CD6825G0/C-I(V)(S)
  • Queue management with 7-series IP cameras

Control Room

Powerful Data Visualization and Centralized Management

Mall managers and security staff can view statistics and records of all connected areas in real time, including statistics of temperature and mask status, employee attendance reports, and multi-site flow control status. Centralized management facilitates the pooling and coordination of resources and reduces repeated efforts for steady and efficient mall operations.


Recommended Products: