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El sistema de video móvil a bordo de HikVision está diseñado para una supervisión, programación y respuesta de emergencia más fácil y más inteligente de autobuses, taxis, camiones y otros tipos de vehículos. The system enables real-time monitoring of vehicles’ interior and their surroundings along with high precision positioning of vehicles. The system’s video analytics capabilities ensure that abnormal driving behaviors can be promptly and accurately detected and drivers can be instantly reminded or alerted, protecting them and their passengers from potential incidents. En caso de que ocurriera un incidente como carterismo o accidentes de tráfico, las secuencias de video con datos clave se pueden exportar para su envío a las fuerzas del orden como evidencia forense. El sistema también cuenta con un potente software de plataforma para visualización en vivo, reproducción de video, mapa GIS, monitoreo del estado del dispositivo, alarmas de emergencia y más. 

Bus Solution

As an important traveling mode that can relieve traffic pressure, improve travel experience, and reduce environmental pollution, buses play an indispensable role in the urban transportation. How to improve their operation efficiency, services, and public safety is a new challenge for the development of the public transport industry. Hikvision has the expertise to provide a complete bus security system, providing a full set of intelligent solutions that include video monitoring, anomaly detection and alarming, advanced driver assistance, 360° surround view.

Características clave 

  • People Counting: Implement real-time and effective analysis of passenger flow, helping manager make better operation scheduling and improving service quality and passenger satisfaction.
  • Anomaly Detection and Alarming: Detect dangerous driving behaviors such as using mobile phones, smoking, driving while drowsy, etc. 
School Bus Solution

As the major means of transportation for students on daily basis, safe operation of school buses is an important part of student safety. Hikvision's school bus security solution can play an important role in driving behavior regulation, route deviation alarming, GPS positioning & tracking, and more. The system also detects students who do not get off when the school bus is parked and automatically sends alarms to the monitoring center.

Características clave 

  • Student Protection: Identify whether a student is on the bus, missed the bus, or gets off at the wrong stop.
  • Stop Arm Camera: Capture the violation when a reckless vehicle driver passes by the stopped school bus.
  • Anomaly Detection & Alarming: Detect dangerous driving behaviors such as using mobile phones, smoking, driving while drowsy, etc. 
Truck Solution

It is the main concern of logistics companies to know the status of their freight trucks timely, accurately, and comprehensively, to monitor and schedule the trucks in real time, and to ensure the trucks arrive at the destinations safely. Hikvision's truck security solution collects audio and video data with cameras installed inside and outside the truck, sends GPS and alarm data through on-board video recorders and 3G/4G wireless networks, so as to realize remote truck monitoring and management.

Características clave 

  • Blind-spot Monitoring: Ensure that drivers have no blind spots in their vision
  • MDVR KIT Solution: Lower cost, higher value
Taxi/Ride-hailing Car Solution

Hikvision has launched a lightweight dash camera solution for taxis and ride-hailing cars. The dash cameras can work standalone as a recorder or work with other mobile cameras as a central platform. They are slim in design and powerful in features like real-time monitoring, vehicle tracking, driving behavior regulation, etc., providing visual solution for vehicle security, scheduling, and management.

Características clave

  • Easy to use with an app, compact design, easy installation
  • Anomaly Detection & Alarming: Detect dangerous driving behaviors such as using mobile phones, smoking, driving while drowsy, etc. 
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