KD8 Series Pro Modular Door Station

  • Modular door station Display module, needs mouting bracket
  • 3.5 inch LCD screen, 4 buttons, backlight, IP65
  • Dial number display, pin code unlock, contact list display
  • Up to 2000 contacts can be added to the device
  • Stores and searches contact list
  • Multiple languages

  • Parámetros del sistema
  • ProcesadorEmbedded MCU Processor
  • Interfaz de dispositivos
  • Botón4( Up, Down, OK, Back)
  • General
  • Consumo de energía≤ 3 W
  • Temperatura de trabajo-20° C to +60° C(-4° F to 140° F)
  • Humedad de trabajo 10% to 95%
  • Voltaje de entrada12VDC( From the other module)
  • Potencia de salida12VDC( For the other module)
  • Nivel de protección IPIP65
  • Memoria64 MB
  • Dimensiones98.5 mm × 100 mm × 34.2 mm (3.87" × 3.95" × 1.33")

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