Value Series Bolt Electric Lock

  • Electric Bolt, 205×34×42mm (8.1×1.3×1.7"), 12VDC, ≤1.2A (Startup Current), 0.2A (Standby)
  • Auto-locking if induction module is detected
  • Suitable for wooden door, glass door, metal door and fireproof door
  • Equipped with internal voltage dependent resistor (MOV)
  • Signal output of door lock status (NO\NC\COM)
  • Abrasion-proof materials
  • Shell is made of aldural and is hard anodizing electroplated.

  • General
  • Temperatura de trabajo-10°C~+55°C (14°F~131°F)
  • Condiciones de Humedad0~95% (Relative Humidity)
  • Working Current≤1.2A (Startup Current) 0.2A (Standby)
  • Dimension of Lock Body (L×W×H)205×34×42mm (8.1×1.3×1.7")
  • Unlock MethodCurrent Interruption
  • Voltaje de entrada12VDC
  • Signal OutputDry Contact Output, Max. Voltage 18V. If the wiring is COM/NC, NO Output: Locking; NC Output: Unlocking. If the wiring is COM/No, NC Output: Locking; NO Output: Unlocking;
  • Suitable DoorWooden Door, Glass Door, and Metal Door
  • Delay Duration0/3/6/9s Optional
  • Surface Temperature≤ Ambient Temperature +10°C (50°F)
  • CarcasaHard Anodizing Electroplating Operated
  • 0.74kg

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