General security solution usually requires management of multiple sub-systems such as vehicle, personnel, security incidents and etc., while each project may come with a few differences in details according to application purposes, deployment scenarios and regional preferences. 


To help our customers quickly design solutions for their daily project opportunities, Hikvision offers Solutions by Scenario, which are product selection packages with powerful and adaptive features professionally designed for key areas of a specific application scenario, to help our customer simplify project design, deployment and maintenance, and achieve replicable project delivery in an easy way.   


In this webinar, we will go through a sample discussion with presentation and short demonstrations to show what we offer by Solutions by Scenario to help quickly design project solution for a specific application scenario.


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Overview: requirement background and what we offer
Sample: how to design solutions for a specific application scenario?


Highly adaptive and applicable solution for key areas such as vehicle entrance & exit, lobby, indoor key area, perimeters with lightweight unified management at the control room

Review: core values of Solutions by Scenario

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