What is Hikvision LED Imaging technology?

A wealth of advanced technologies like PixMaster, HDR10, 16-bit color depth, grayscale multiplication, and others, support Hikvision's LED Imaging products. The result? Ultra-clear and true-to-life visuals that suit a multitude of applications.


Hikvision develops patented image-improving technology to enable stunning, dynamic content in superior quality. The technology features an excellent display performance, automatic brightness adjustment, and blue light filtering to bring an all-new user experience. 

Excellent display performance

led imaging auto brightness adjustment

Automatic brightness adjustment


With the help of a light sensor, the LED screen enables automatic brightness adjustment based on ambient brightness.

led imaging blue light filtering

Blue light filtering


Hikvision LEDs filter out over 90% of the blue light that is harmful to human eyes, protecting users’ eyesight and reducing visual fatigue. This is especially helpful in applications that require long-term viewing, such as monitoring centers and conference rooms.

Where can I use Hikvision LED Imaging technology?

Hikvision LED Imaging technology suits both indoor and outdoor applications due to its capabilities in enhancing image brightness and contrast. Multiple shapes are available as well as innovative user-friendly designs.

Hikvision LED Imaging technology provides a realistic and vivid imaging experience in meeting rooms, office buildings, retail shops, airports, and much more.