Audits are necessary, but are often beset by challenges like high management costs, inefficiency of on-site audits, management vulnerability, and lack of further data analyses. But now, Hikvision’s Remote Audit Solution reuses existing CCTV systems and moves the offline audit process online – vastly improving efficiency and standardization.


With Hikvision’s solution, you can complete your Planning, Auditing, Rectifying, and Statistics & Review processes swiftly and accurately. You will be generating reports, analyzing the results, and then revising the final product with helpful tools and savvy insights. Agonizing over your store’s audit history will become history. 




First, the audit manager will define the area to be audited, identifying each section and what elements need to be presented, what the legal requirements are, and the like. Next, a checklist for each area will be established. Templates, schedules, and assignments can be preprogrammed and simplified in this solution. Auditing templates score shops or retail areas according to their results. Schedules assign auditors, dates and times for audits, and areas to be checked on. Finally, the assignment of an audit alerts the system to begin the process using pictures or video according to the needs in each area. 

Auditing and Rectifying



Using Hikvision’s Smart Retail Solution, the auditing process might look something like this: the primary personnel in charge of the security audit would schedule and outline the steps in the process. Once initiated and completed, the audit results would be generated. If the process is deemed satisfactory, a report is produced and any necessary follow-up would be ready for the relevant personnel. If the process shows that requirements are not fulfilled or incomplete, those results, too, would be generated. A “problem list” would be sent to the responsible party so that a new checklist would be available. 

Statistics and Review


General Reports 

Managers will enjoy the ease with which they can generate a complete overview of the shop’s audit status. Not only that, but every shop in a group can be tied together in one report for comprehensive coverage of an expanded system. It’s a helping hand whenever it’s needed.


Rectifying Reports 

No one wants to find out their work has not been completed, or that there are obstacles in the way of a perfect outcome. However, when it happens – and it happens everywhere – a simple checklist for problems to correct will be the best tool in the hands of relevant personnel. This smart solution shows number of each shop’s problems, keeps them in order, and helps shopkeepers to set everything straight one step at a time.


Scoring Reports and History 

Record shops’ average scores, pass rate, and any other relevant data for long-term tracking with the right components and software, all wrapped up here. The best decisions are made when the maximum data is available at the just the right time. With scoring reports, that data is in your hands. And with reliable historical data to back you up, you will have the foundation you need to move upward and onward in business and safety.


Audit History 

When it comes to finances and security, there is no room to leave gaps in reporting. Keep a detailed audit history on hand for that moment when you need it – whether it’s for a business decision, a new marketing effort, or security backlog – with the Audit History function. You will have the information and key performance indicators you need to feel supported and informed.



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