Stereoscopic Security for Manufacturing Plants

The manufacturing plant combines personnel, goods, equipment, and machinery. For a manufacturing site to run smoothly, safety and security must be the priorities.


Hikvision offers stereoscopic security to safeguard busy sites and costly materials, integrating a variety of cameras, access control products, and unified management platforms for comprehensive protection. Continue reading to learn how we can provide multi-dimensional situational awareness to enhance security levels.


Perimeters: The first line of protection 

Manufacturing plants often have very large perimeters, posing risks like unauthorized intrusion and vandalism. Hikvision products detect intrusions, fire, and other hazards via thermal and high-clarity cameras, warding off would-be offenders with IP speakers to establish the first line of protection for manufacturing plants.


Whole-site access & movement: Fluid and secure

Complex foot- and vehicle traffic cover manufacturing plant grounds daily. Here, Hikvision offers precise access management via the MinMoe face recognition terminal, with turnstiles and license plate recognition. Additionally, the security staff can dispatch vehicles for access using the Dock Map or video, boosting efficiency and ensuring security for the whole site. 


AR display: Command of the entire site

Industrial parks and manufacturing plants often cover a wide area and quickly become difficult to management. Hikvision’s AR application can combine the big picture and the details in one view with the help of TandemVu and other panoramic cameras. Along with interactive management systems, operators can check and dispatch real-time on-site issues. AR protection takes users one step further towards ultimate protection.
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