Optimizing day-to-day operations requires attention to every detail. From keeping the system up and running, to making sure all the attendance records are accurate, operational departments also face a lot of challenges. With Hikvision products and platform, these processes can now be more automated, accurate, and intelligent, allowing the company to be more efficient as a whole. 


IT System health status are on-board in this solution as well. Get updates, find errors, and make corrections in minutes – instead of days – in this solution. Hikvision gets systems online and keeps them connected, giving you the power to oversee personnel identifiers with accuracy and efficiency in an integrated workflow. 

Health Monitoring

Complex systems require regular status checks. Nevertheless, minor errors happen from time to time. With the health monitoring module, a security team no longer needs to check on device status one by one – every bit of information you need is on the dashboard, displayed in an intuitive and clear manner. Find and fix flagged devices using the error list, and manage multiple systems on a single, centralized dashboard.

Audit Trail

For security managers, it is important to not only receive alarms for errors, but also review the error log to ensure there’s no malicious attempts to sabotage the system. With the audit trail function, all logs are in one place. What’s more, filters help you to search for and find specific records quickly and accurately.


Access control and attendance reporting get on the fast track with a 3-step process to authorizing and recording personnel attendance. Reports are generated with ease while shift types and data corrections are customizable and adaptable to your needs.

Hikvision offers multiple  methods for authentication that suits the needs of different work environments. Choose from card, fingerprint, face recognition or combinations of these methods for secure and efficient attendance management.