Still doubting what kind of protection you can get from Alarm Detectors?

Still confused about which sensor to choose when building a home security system?

Looking for a more comprehensive security solution for better privacy protection?


Hikvision alarm detectors are designed to be smart, inconspicuous and reliable throughout the day. Watching your premises at all times and notifying you of the first signs of intrusion.


In this session, our product manager is going to introduce our new detector technologies, discuss some highlights and key benefits of the brand new next generation detectors.


Check below for a detailed agenda of this Webinar.



Alarm Detector Overview and Working Principle



Detector Classification and Technology Introduction
Hikvision Wireless Detectors
Hikvision Wired Detectors

Product Categories

Wired Detector

The Wired Detector provides great value and proven performance. Besides offering accurate detection, it comes with curtain coverage, adjustable EOL resistance and optional pet immunity.  

Wireless Detector

The Wireless Detector offers real time supervision, system security and reliability. It is equipped with two-way wireless technology, curtain coverage and optional pet immunity.

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