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Customer satisfaction, staff management, budget control, end- to- end security solutions...  Every business owner is a multitasker, stretched in all directions to make sure everything works the way it needs to. And of course keeping everyone and everything safe and secure is a high priority. This is a challenge. But there is a way forward.


At Hikvision, we understand your everyday challenges and we know how important it is to get your back and give you peace of mind when you need to focus on more demanding and more productive tasks. 


With Hikvision's end-to-end security solutions, you'll enjoy:

What we offer

  • An active line of defense
  • Easier-than-ever access
  • Reliable detectors & alarms
  • Smart app control

AI-powered video security systems do more than just keep you alert to on-camera activity. These security solutions also act automatically and proactively to thwart security risks around your perimeters and at your entrances – anytime and in any light. 

ColorVu Technology security solution

View in color, even in darkness


Darkness is the perfect cover for vandals and burglars…right? Not with Hikvision security systems! With our flagship ColorVu Technology for low-light imaging, security cameras render vivid color and detail in dim light, even down to 0.0005 lux – the equivalent of starlight on a moonless night. Whenever you access your ColorVu-enabled camera to check for activities on your site, you see it in color, even during dark hours.

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