Hikvision joins forces with Green River to protect threatened bar-headed goose population

Hikvision joins forces with Green River to protect threatened bar-headed goose population


Hangzhou, China — December 11, 2018 — Hikvision, the world’s leading provider of innovative security products and solutions, is partnering with Green River, a China-based NGO that promotes and organizes environmental protection activities, to protect the bar headed goose, one of the highest flying birds in the world. 


The Yangtze River source and Bender Lake in Western China is a natural high-altitude habitat for the wild bar-headed goose. Although this area is a “no-man’s land” at 4,700 meters above sea level, it serves as a haven for rare animal species. Threatened by poachers and theft of their eggs, the number of bar-headed geese in this area once plummeted to about 1,000. In 2012, Green River launched its program to monitor and protect the bar-headed goose, with non-stop monitoring and protection of the birds and the local environment. 


Earlier this year, Green River began using Hikvision security cameras to monitor and protect bar-headed geese. Dozens of bird observation spots have been set up to implement an all-weather, 24/7 monitoring solution in the high-altitude wilderness. Hikvision has provided video technology that reduces the need for conventional manual patrol as well as the associated negative impact of human activities on bird habitats. Green River uses Hikvision equipment to stream high-definition live video to online audiences, raising awareness about the need to protect all kinds of wildlife, including the bar-headed goose.



On December 6, 2018, Green River and Hikvision signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to continue their collaboration in 2019. Hikvision will develop customized video cameras to be used in high-altitude habitats of the bar-headed goose. The company will continue to support Green River using advanced image processing, data storage and transmission technology, to ensure the organization can effectively collect and process wildlife data. All of this serves to secure the biodiversity and sustainability in the Yangtze River source region.


“Public welfare and environmental protection are benefiting from high-tech applications around the globe. In particular, video technology helps wildlife protection efforts immensely. And Hikvision has the tools as well as the willingness to help,” said Yang Xin, founder and president of Green River. “Signing this MoU is only a start. In the future, we will collaborate to promote research and conservation, and use new technologies to unveil the beauty of biodiversity.”


Hikvision is best known as a provider of security equipment that is used to secure businesses, communities, and families. However, as evidenced by its collaboration with Green River, Hikvision’s security equipment can also be used to protect our natural world. Noting that Hikvision video technology has been used in a number of environmental protection projects, Hikvision senior vice president Cai Changyang said that the company is pleased to promote environmental protection and conservation.


“In the past few years, Hikvision has accumulated valuable experience and technical know-how in environmental protection with video technology. We have engaged in the protection programs for pandas, Siberian tigers, and now bar-headed geese. But there is still a long way to go,” said Cai Changyang. “And, we will continue to explore new technologies in the future to make our own contribution to the sustainable development of the world.”


Please see the video about protection of the bar-headed goose, titled “Let the world see more hope of life”.


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