Hikvision announces new Turbo HD 5.0 security solutions


Latest innovations include deep learning for automated threat detection and crystal-clear color video, even at night

To bring HD clarity to analogue video security systems, Hikvision launched its first-generation Turbo HD DVRs and cameras in 2013. Since then, subsequent generations of Turbo HD products have delivered a wealth of innovations, including ultra-low-light video recording and super-efficient bandwidth and storage usage – helping Hikvision customers to enhance their security and perimeter protection. 


Building on these revolutionary security advances, Hikvision has now announced the Turbo HD 5.0 family of video security products, which includes Hikvision AcuSense Turbo HD DVRs and ColorVu Turbo HD Cameras. These technologies make it even easier for organizations and individuals to identify and react to security breaches, while also minimizing manual interventions and security costs.


Hikvision AcuSense Turbo HD DVR – key benefits

Incorporating eleven different DVR models, Hikvision AcuSense family uses the latest deep learning technologies to enhance object detection. Specifically, Hikvision AcuSense Turbo HD DVR detects vehicles or humans, it filters out false alarms triggered by animals, leaves, and other insignificant objects, and minimizes costly, time-consuming manual checks. As an additional benefit, Hikvision AcuSense Quick Target Search feature identifies and extracts footage of humans and vehicles from vast video datasets automatically, saving staff from searching through massive datasets. 


ColorVu Turbo HD Camera – key benefits

ColorVu Turbo HD cameras provide bright color video images 24/7, even in the lowest-light conditions. The camera’s round-the-clock color-boosting capabilities are powered by a large iris and ED optical glass, an anti-glare diffusion lens, large sensing pixels, warm supplemental lighting, and a range of other innovative video technologies. With brighter, more colourful video images, Hikvision customers are protected against security breaches, even when they happen at night. 


Turbo HD 5.0: heightened security at a reduced cost

Hikvision’s latest Turbo HD 5.0 takes the capabilities of traditional analogue and CCTV systems to new heights, helping organizations to maximize their security and lower video security costs. 


Frank Zhang, General Manager of International Product Marketing Department at Hikvision, says, “With Hikvision AcuSense Turbo HD DVR, we have integrated revolutionary deep learning technology to help our customers filter out false alarms, find video evidence faster, and react to real security threats as soon as they occur. At the same time, ColorVu Turbo HD Cameras provide clear, bright, color images even in complete darkness, alerting customers to security breaches immediately and providing excellent video evidence wherever it’s needed.” 

Turbo 5.0 Products


Find out more

Technical capabilities and specifications for the new Hikvision Turbo HD 5.0 products are showcased in our Turbo HD 5.0 product brochure. Click here to learn more details about Hikvision's Turbo HD 5.0 DVR. For more information, speak with a Hikvision representative about your security needs.





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