5 key features of winning speed gate and turnstile solutions


“To protect your people and assets, your access control solutions need to be fast, accurate, and totally reliable. Choose speed gates and turnstiles with the following five key features to maximize your security and to deliver the best, fastest experiences for end users,” says Wayne Wu, Director of Access Control and Video Intercom Products at Hikvision.


In most cases, protecting your people and assets requires effective access control. In other words, you need to know who is accessing your building, your event, or your service – and be sure that unauthorized people always remain outside. 


One of the most common solutions for achieving this is to use automated speed gates or turnstiles. These allow authorized users to access your building or event using smartcards, tickets, or even biometric information such as their fingerprint or face. 


However, it’s important to realize that not all speed gates and turnstiles are equal – either in terms of features or effectiveness. 


The 5 key features of truly excellent security gates and turnstiles 

To maximize your security, you need access gates and turnstiles that are highly reliable, and durable enough to last for years with minimal maintenance. You also need super-fast, accurate access solutions that can identify people in milliseconds, and let them pass before queues ever build up. 


The 5 key features that are essential for optimizing your access control strategy are: 


1) Quality and durability 

Speed gates and turnstiles take constant punishment – especially in high-flow locations. Whether you choose a solution that uses a swing barrier, flap barrier, or other kind of barrier, you need it to be highly reliable and durable to withstand the heavy workload. 


At the same time, you need products that fit your requirements and budget. This means your manufacturer should offer both cost-effective gates and turnstiles with brushed and non-brushed motors, as well as premium products with servo motors. 


Built on a ‘closed-loop’ system, servo motors offer the greatest reliability, accuracy, and durability for access control. For example, the lifecycle of the market-leading servo turnstile from Hikvision is more than 6 million opening and closing cycles.  


2) Speed and safety

To fulfil their function, and to provide great experiences for end users, speed gates and turnstiles need to be fast and safe. The industry’s leading solutions meet this requirement by authenticating users’ identities in as little as 0.2 seconds – allowing large numbers of authorized people to flow into buildings or other areas. 


Equally importantly, leading speed gates and turnstiles are able to detect people very precisely as they pass through to keep them safe. In the case of Hikvision products, for example, up to 24 pairs of IR sensors help to minimize the risk of unexpected injuries. 

3) Support for multiple access ‘tokens’  

To meet the needs of all kinds of organizations and access-control scenarios, gates and turnstiles need to offer a choice of authentication or access ‘tokens’. These include barcodes, QR codes, cards, paper tickets, or even cash. 


Among all the available options, facial recognition is trending – offering highly accurate ID authentication, with ‘non-contact’ hygiene. In the case of Hikvision MinMoe face recognition terminals, for example, users can be identified with 99% accuracy in under 0.2 seconds, with mixed camera and infrared lenses ensuring that users’ faces are ‘real’ and not pictures. 

4) Simple integration with other security and safety systems

In many cases, protecting people and assets requires access control systems to be integrated with other key security systems, such as fire systems. 


To make this process as easy as possible, speed gates and turnstiles should support the Wiegand, RS485 protocol and offer I/O interfaces. Additionally, fire alerts or power cuts from integrated systems should trigger turnstiles to open by default – ensuring that end users can leave buildings quickly and safely.


These are all features of Hikvision solutions, which can be integrated with a range of security and access control systems quickly and easily.   


5) Attractive design and aesthetics 

Many architects and tenants of iconic and impressive buildings are concerned that gates and turnstiles will negatively impact the environment from a visual perspective. For this reason, aesthetic considerations are extremely important during the design and production of speed gates and turnstiles. 


Hikvision, for example, addresses this need with our dedicated industrial design team, which has created a new range of sleek, modern access management products that use arcs, curves, and a mix of metal and transparent materials to increase the flow of light. These can be integrated into the built environment seamlessly, in a way that doesn’t negatively impact broader architectural concepts or schemes. 


Find out more

Hikvision has built all of these five key features into our products to help you minimize waiting times for people entering your facilities, while also maximizing safety and security. We can also provide after sales via Hikvision’s local service teams, who can ensure the proper functioning of your solution long term, wherever you are located. This close proximity to our customers makes us a far more attractive partner than competing access control OEMs. 


To find out more about our industry leading speed gates and turnstiles, and the benefits they offer your business, please visit our product pageswatch our video about the manufacturing process for our speed gates and turnstiles, or contact us to discuss your specific access control needs.  

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