Hikvision launches AX PRO wireless security system with pan-European virtual launch event

Hikvision launches AX PRO wireless security system with pan-European virtual launch event

Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, will be releasing its AX PRO first-class wireless intrusion and video system for both residential and commercial applications with a pan-European launch event in 7 languages on Thursday, 3 September at 10:00AM CET.


Comprising a panel hub and a wide range of detectors and peripherals, the AX PRO is revolutionary in both technology and design. It includes a multitude of impressive features, including Tri-X Technology, IVaaS (Intruder Verification as a Service), app compatibility and a slick design.


Each feature has been developed with both the installer and user in mind, making installation a breeze, while functionality and the user interface is reliable and straightforward.


Built for both residential and commercial applications, the AX PRO features 96 wireless devices and a wireless range of up to 2km, making it adaptive and fully configurable to any installation challenge.


Alongside the panel, Hikvision have also developed an extensive range of detectors and peripherals to tailor the system to any installation needs.



Multiple wireless detection options

The range includes a variety of detectors and sensors to cater for every setting, such as combined PIR and Breakglass, Dual Technology, as well as safety detectors and door contacts. Whatever the need, there’s a wireless detection option.


This even includes the Wireless PIR-Camera Detector, which has been developed with the latest technology to deliver a 12 meter detection range, infrared LED Illumination for night vision capabilities, internal memory buffer for snapshots and an 800 meter long distance wireless protocol range.



Integrate for full automation functions

With the AX PRO, Hikvision introduces the Relay Module and Wall Switch so that any desired automation options can be added to the system.


By expanding the capabilities beyond security, installations now have greater flexibility to deliver the system your customers desire.


With direct control via the Keyfob, Wireless LED Keypad and Hik-Connect control, as well as the ability to configure automation schedules, the possibilities are endless.



Peripherals for every purpose

Built with practicality in mind, Hikvision have created a wide range of peripherals to maximize user safety and assist their day-to-day activities.


Such devices include static and portable panic button options to keep occupants safe, while the Wireless LED Keypad or ergonomic Keyfob provide multiple control options to suit the user’s preferences.



App Compatibility

Stay connected and be in charge. The AX PRO is fully compatible with Hik-Connect, which delivers full installer configuration, voice and video clip notifications to users, as well as full sensor and system health monitoring at any time.


This latest addition to Hikvision’s alarm series raises the bar of what is possible, the AX PRO revolutionizes the game.


Join us and find out more about the next level of Alarm products on Thursday, 3 September from 10:00AM CET. Available in 7 languages.  


To register for the event in your preferred language, please click here.


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