Creating Safe and Secure Housing in Denmark with Hikvision

Creating Safe and Secure Housing in Denmark with Hikvision


For any community to thrive, people need to feel safe in their environment and have secure housing. This is why it is so important that we feel our homes and neighborhoods are safe and secure. Residents should be able to rest easy in the knowledge that they and their property are safe from being targeted for theft or vandalism. In Denmark, FAB Odense decided to create this sense of safety for their residents.


On the Island of Funen in Denmark, Fyns Almennyttige Boligselskab (FAB) administer large amounts of public housing throughout the island. FAB provides over 8,600 rental properties, serving approximately 20,000 residents. To secure housing and protect the residents in these developments, the city of Odense’s public housing association turned to local company Secura to secure the safety of their residents and to protect the area from vandalism.

The area’s residents had felt insecure in these housing developments due to previous occurrences of burglary and vandalism. There had also been issues with people littering and dumping their rubbish in the wrong places. This is certainly not ideal for the environment, or for the local residents who had to contend with the unsightly and even unsanitary waste left out in the open. Fire detection and prevention was also a top priority to ensure the safety of the residents and to protect their homes from damage.





In order to give the residents peace of mind and sense of secure housing, Odense’s public housing association asked Secura to lead the installation of the security system. Having worked with Hikvision before and knowing how reliable Hikvision products are, Secura used 496 Hikvision cameras for this installation.

They chose to use the 4 MP Vandal Motorized Varifocal Dome Network Camera (DS-2CD2743G2-IZS) as it offers high-quality imaging, is simple to install, water and dust resistant (IP67) and vandal proof (IK10). These cameras observe the area from various points, such as entrances, basements, and elevators – securing over 1000 apartments.


One of the great things about Hikvision cameras is that they can be integrated and work well with different systems. In this case, the cameras were seamlessly integrated with Axxon Next Intelligent software - equipped with facial recognition and smoke detection technologies. 


Residents have expressed their satisfaction with the installation, and say that they feel increasingly safe and secure with the cameras there. The police force is also very satisfied with the installation. Having access to the high quality picture of the cameras has assisted the police in at least ten instances. Vandalism alone has fallen by approximately 90%, as reported by Danish newspaper Fyns Stiftstidende in 2020. Overall, the cameras have had a positive effect on the area and created secure public housing.

Theis Mortensen, Inspector at FAB Odense states that:

“After having the Hikvision cameras installed, vandalism has dropped to almost zero. The cameras have created a great sense of security for the residents. An added bonus is that, if large amounts of waste are disposed of improperly, we can send the bill to the correct person. Burglaries in the area have also dropped to near zero. The high quality video has helped the police at least 10 times this year already.”

Those living in Odense public housing can now rest a little easier in the knowledge that their area is now secure, protected and can enjoy their homes without worrying about their property being vandalized or waste being dumped outside their residence.


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