Experience new possibilities when Hikvision ColorVu meet other technologies

Experience new possibilities when Hikvision ColorVu meet other technologies



To help customers maximize security at night and in other low-light environments, Hikvision has taken ColorVu technology further, combining it with other advanced technologies, like panoramic, varifocal, 4K, AI and more. As a result, homeowners, business owners, security teams, and ARCs can make smarter decisions, react faster to security events, reduce false alarms, and take their security capabilities to the next level. 


When it comes to ensuring security and safety, seeing every detail is critical – especially in low light conditions. Hikvision developed its ColorVu technology – which provides high-resolution, full-color video imaging in light conditions down to 0.0005 lux, to help homeowners, business owners, and security teams to see exactly what's happening.


But different security scenarios require different points of view, various angles, and AI capabilities. That's why Hikvision has now combined ColorVu with other technologies - panoramic, varifocal, 4K, AI – which we call "ColorVu + X", for a broad range of security needs and scenarios – from apartment buildings, residences, offices, and warehouses, to large outdoor spaces such as parking lots. 


Five ColorVu + X offerings for improved security, safety, and efficiency

In the following sections, we outline how "ColorVu + X" works to help customers take their site security and safety to the next level. 


1) ColorVu + Panoramic: the whole scene in vivid color

Large areas can be very difficult to secure, often requiring multiple cameras to provide full coverage. With traditional cameras, monitoring these kinds of areas can also be difficult, or even impossible in low light conditions, or at night. To address all of these challenges, Hikvision has integrated ColorVu into its industry-leading panoramic cameras, which use the image fusion technologies to stitch together images from two side-by-side lenses for a seamless, 180-degree view. The results are reduced equipment requirements (with fewer cameras needed to cover large areas); improved situational awareness based on a single, wide-angle image and no blind spots; and the ability to capture every detail in full color – even in the dark.


2) ColorVu + Varifocal: zoom in with vivid color

Cameras with zoom capabilities are more flexible to adapt to various installation environments, making product selection and installation easier. The challenge here is that this process can reduce the amount of light entering the lens, reducing the clarity or color of images. Hikvision has addressed this by integrating ColorVu technology into its varifocal (zoom) cameras. By combining ColorVu with a fixed F1.0 large aperture in the camera, Hikvision guarantees image brightness and full color as the camera zooms in and out.


3) ColorVu + 4K: capture richer, more colorful details

Traditional cameras may lack the resolution to provide clear, full-color video images in lower light conditions. Hikvision overcame this challenge by integrating ColorVu technology into advanced 4K cameras. The results are clear, crisp imaging, fluid footage previews and playback, and enhanced color imaging in low light conditions, or at night.


4) ColorVu + Live Guard: deter trespassers and intruders from causing harm

While most security systems can detect intrusions and other security incidents, goods and property can still be lost or damaged before teams can respond. Hikvision tackles this issue by integrating ColorVu technology and Live Guard sound and light alarms into selected camera ranges. While ColorVu technology captures detailed video footage of security incidents in high resolution and full color, Live Guard sirens and strobe light alarms let trespassers know they have been detected, deterring them from entering a site or building. Notifications of intrusions and other events can also be sent to homeowners, business owners, or security teams in real time, supporting faster, more effective responses. 


5) ColorVu + Deep Learning: smarter security detection 24x7

Often, security systems are unable to differentiate between moving objects – such as falling leaves, heavy rain, and moving animals, and real security threats - such as people breaching a site perimeter. To overcome this, Hikvision has integrated ColorVu into its AI-powered cameras with AcuSense. These reliably identify real security threats, such as people and vehicles, and send alerts to security teams in real time. At the same time, false alarms are minimized, reducing workloads and costs, and increasing efficiency. With ColorVu and AcuSense together, customers get intelligent, proactive security, with high-resolution, full-color video imaging. 


Find out more

To discover more about the key features and capabilities of  "ColorVu + X", visit the website. You can also contact us for product ranges and specifications, or to schedule a meeting.

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