Hikvision partners with Gurtam to create comprehensive telematics solution

Hikvision partners with Gurtam to create comprehensive telematics solution


October 19, 2021 – Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, announced a new technology partnership with Gurtam designed to integrate its mobile products (cameras/MNVRs) with Gurtam's Wialon GPS tracking platform. This vital integration uses the latest technologies to create a solution for logistics and transportation industry customers to enhance efficiency in their fleet operations, while also increasing road safety to maintain high security levels for personnel and for merchandise. 

Making use of the HikDeviceGateway protocol, Gurtam's Wialon GPS tracking platform integrates with Hikvision mobile products to offer a comprehensive telematics solution for fleet operators of buses, trucks and taxis, achieving easier and smarter supervision, scheduling, and emergency response. 

The integration enables remote video monitoring of vehicle interiors and their surroundings, GPS location detection, real-time notifications, geofence control, Wi-Fi positioning, and more.

"We are very pleased to welcome Gurtam to our partner ecosystem, and the integration between Hikvision mobile products and the Wialon platform creates a powerful solution to help customers improve security of their fleets and vehicles," says Adler Wu, Global Technology Partner Alliance Manager at Hikvision. 

"Gurtam is a hardware-agnostic telematics software provider that aims to partner with the top manufacturers in the industry. Our cooperation with Hikvision is a possibility to join forces with a reputed video solution provider and give our customers access to Hikvision's innovation. Wialon and Hikvision combined represent a reliable, top-notch solution available globally and suitable for multiple niches, from logistics to public transportation, and from cold chain to dangerous goods transportation," says Kseniya Dolia, VP of Technology Partnerships at Gurtam. 


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For more details about the integration of the multifunctional telematics solutions between Hikvision and Gurtam, please visit this link.


About Gurtam

Gurtam is a developer and telematics provider of software solutions for fleet management, GPS tracking, and IoT. There are three flagship company products: Wialon, Flespi, GPS-Trace. The company was founded in 2002 and has offices in Vilnius, Minsk, Moscow, Boston, Dubai, and Buenos Aires. Gurtam is a Forbes Tech Council and M2M IoT Council board member. Gurtam's telematics solutions bring together satellite monitoring and video surveillance in one platform to reduce accident rates, increase fuel economy, and improve safety on the road.

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