Enhanced perimeter protection with Hikvision thermal products


Enhanced perimeter protection with Hikvision thermal products


The latest generation of cost-effective thermal cameras from Hikvision make it faster and easier for small and medium businesses to secure their perimeter – even in the dark, and in challenging weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain, and snow.

The perimeter is the first line of defence against intruders who could put people or assets in danger. How to ensure detection and response to perimeter intrusions quickly and effectively, even in low-visibility conditions?

For many forward-looking businesses, the answer is to deploy thermal cameras, which offers a number of advanced benefits.

1) The ability to ‘see’ intruders in low-visibility conditions
In complex light environments, at night, or in severe weather conditions, many conventional ‘visible light’ cameras may not be able to recognize intruders and alert security teams. By contrast, thermal cameras can recognize tiny changes in temperature, allowing them to detect people or vehicles that cross perimeter boundaries even in extremely low-light or low-visibility conditions.

2) Human and vehicle recognition for minimal false alarms
Some thermal cameras incorporate deep learning algorithms to distinguish humans and vehicles from animals, falling leaves, and other moving objects that could otherwise trigger false alarms. This means that intrusion alarms are only triggered when a real perimeter threat is identified, which supports a faster response with far less time spent analysing footage and investigating false alarms.

3) Increased efficiency for perimeter protection
Another key benefit of thermal cameras is that they are effective at longer distances than many conventional ‘visible light’ cameras. This means that small and medium businesses can reduce equipment and installation costs for their perimeter-protection solutions, while also monitoring camera feeds with fewer team members.

Hikvision thermal cameras for perimeter protection
Hikvision offers a range of affordable thermal cameras that are ideally suited for perimeter protection in small and medium applications such as residential areas, office buildings, car parks, factories, stores, and even museums.

With Hikvision’s leading thermal camera range, detection in real time of people or vehicles that breach perimeter defences is made possible, even in low-light and poor-visibility conditions. As an added benefit, overlay of traditional video images on top of thermal camera images is possible, which ensures availability of evidence needed to support legal processes or insurance claims in the event of a perimeter breach.

Hikvision thermal cameras in action
Hikvision’s range of thermal turret, bullet, and speed dome cameras are already being deployed in many perimeter protection solutions for housing developments, car parks, factories, stores, farms, and even museums.

In one example of a successful project, a leading car brand is protecting one of its European dealerships 24 hours-a-day with Hikvision thermal cameras. In this case, the Hikvision camera alerts security teams if perimeter defences are breached, enabling a real-time response to prevent the theft of vehicles or parts.

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To discover more about the Hikvision thermal camera range and how it helps you identify and respond to perimeter intrusions in real time, while minimizing your false alarms, click here.

You can also contact us to discuss your perimeter protection needs and to find out which Hikvision thermal solution is right for you.

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