Protecting your assets before a fire breaks out

Today’s thermal cameras do more than just help protect perimeters in low light conditions – they can also help protect your assets from fire. If you want to be alerted before a fire breaks out, the latest thermal cameras have what you need – all in one cost-effective, cutting-edge device.


A fire can be devastating to any business. Within just a few minutes, fires can rage out of control, ravaging property and causing costly damage that can interrupt operations for weeks, months, or forever.


Those whose operations present a special fire risk – such as factories, warehouses, office complexes and schools – can benefit enormously from installing thermal cameras, some of which can spot the signs of a fire long before it breaks out. But for small and medium-sized organizations, installing or adding it to a CCTV system can be a costly and complicated process.


So it’s interesting to note that a handful of innovators in the video security industry are solving this problem through proactive solutions. The thermal imaging cameras are ideal for fire prevention, creating a cost-effective, comprehensive and cutting-edge package that is perfect for efficiency-conscious SMBs.


Heat: A wonderful source of imaging for everything

Every object dissipates heat. These innovative cameras “see” that heat at any level, but recognize when that heat elevates to the risk of fire. Examples include electric appliances reaching abnormally high temperatures, unextinguished cigarette butts, and more.


Thermal imaging cameras use sensors to measure this heat, translating the variety of temperature readings into an image. With contrasting colors for heat levels, users can easily identify fire risks far more clearly than they would by using a conventional optical camera.


Fighting a fire before it even breaks out

For fire prevention, advanced thermal cameras detect temperature anomalies to monitor a location for critical changes in temperature that suggest a fire may be about to break out. Users set a threshold for an upper temperature limit; the camera triggers an alarm if that limit is reached, giving response teams a chance to prevent the fire before it has fully ignited.


When it’s not possible to read the temperature, or if a fire has already broken out, some thermal cameras employ a dynamic fire detection algorithm to identify the fire while still in its early stages. This triggers an alarm, but more than that, the camera automatically pans to the suspected location, allowing users to confirm the source of the alarm and take appropriate action while keeping personnel safe.


Award-winning thermal imaging cameras from Hikvision

Hikvision’s Thermal Imaging Cameras are among the most innovative and reliable on the market. Our Thermal & Optical Network Turret Camera won the Innovative Achievement Award at the 2019 Detektor International Awards in Sweden, thanks to its combination of smart analytics with thermal and optical technologies, delivering “an impressive solution for early detection and optimum performance.”


Ideally suited to warehouses, museums, data centers and offices, Hikvision thermal cameras are being used by small business owners and organizations around the world who are looking for greater operational efficiency and cost savings. At a waste facility in Denmark, for instance, Hikvision thermal cameras are helping to identify fires before they fully break out.


For more information about the full range of Hikvision thermal cameras, please visit our product page

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