Sturdy thermal camera for harsh environments

Sturdy thermal camera for harsh environments

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, releases its explosion-proof Thermal Network Bullet camera, which is equipped with explosion-proof ‘inox’ enclosure made of stainless steel, protecting it against corrosion. It adopts a vanadium oxide uncooled focal place sensor the enhance image quality.

The camera (DS-2TD2466-25X/50X) provides a sturdy solution to security applications in low or no light environments that are also very harsh – for example in seaside areas where there is a lot of salt in the air. The combination of its corrosion-proof nature (IP66) and its ability to withstand explosions makes it particularly effective for Industrial (Petrol, Oil, Gas, etc.) and Maritime Security applications.

Using leading image processing technology like Adaptive AGC, DDE and 3D DNR, the camera uses powerful behaviour analysis algorithm which gives the added benefits of smart alerts for line crossing, intrusion and region entrance and exit. It has a reliable temperature exception alarm function and an advanced fire detection algorithm.

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