HiDDNS to Hik-Connect Service Migration Update

HiDDNS to Hik-Connect Service Migration Update

“HiDDNS” (www.hik-online.com) is a Dynamic Domain Name Service provided by Hikvision to our customers for remote access over the past few years. However, as the user base continues to grow, a new platform with enhanced scalability has become necessary. To meet our customer expectation, Hikvision is pleased to introduce a cloud-based service named Hik-Connect (www.hik-connect.com), which integrates the Dynamic Domain Name Service with alarm PUSH notification service.

Please note that HiDDNS (www.hik-online.com) web management and new device registration service will be discontinued in the following steps:



5th, 2017

HiDDNS Web Portal

( HiDDNS user

account management system) will be


-Customers will not be able to register new accounts

on www.hik-online,nor will they have the ability to

access the Device Status tab or the Device

Management tab

-Previously registered devices will continue to function on the HiDDNS platform.

-Users can continue to access each device via domain URL or through iVMS-4200 or iVMS-4500 client




28th, 2017

No new devices can

be registered using

the current HiDDNS


-Previously registered devices will continue to function on the HiDDNS platform

-Users can continue to access each device via domain URL or through iVMS-4200 or iVMS-4500 client


Due to this change, we encourge customers now using the HiDDNS service migrate to Hik-Connect service. Once the fully featured Hik-Connect platform becomes available, customers can centrally manage all devices at the Hik-Connect App/Hik-Connect web portal and take advantages of the Hik-Connect platform features by following a few easy steps.

Here are the set-up instructions:

    1.Download the latest v2.0 Hik-Connect App at IOS App Store or Google Play

    2. Register a Hik-Connect account via Hik -Connect web portal (www.hik-connect.com) or Hik-Connect App

    3. Upgrade devices to the proper firmware that supports Hik-Connect

                NOTE: New Hik-Connect firmware will not support HiDDNS function

    4. Enable “Hik-Connect” on devices local or web GUI, and configure corresponding parameters if necessary

    5. Add devices into the registered account at Hik-Connect App/Hik- Connect web portal

    6. The new registered device is ready to use


 For more necessary details, please kindly go to Hikvision official website to get corresponding documents and firmware etc.
Alternatively, customers still have the option to use other third-party DDNS providers, such as DynDNS, NO-IP and PeanutHull.

Please feel free to contact our local technical support team or email to
support@hikvision.com for assistance. Thank you again for your continuous support!




Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd
Hangzhou, China

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