Hikvision Network Mobile DVR Secures Armored Truck of China Merchants Bank

Hikvision Network Mobile DVR secures armored truck of China Merchants Bank

With crime tactics become more diversified and intelligent, it is more and more important and critical to use new technology to detect crime in armored trucks in banking industry. China Merchants Bank, one of the biggest state-owned commercial banks in China, has been using mobile security products to guarantee the absolute safety for its armored trucks in head office in Beijing.


The priority for armored truck is to have a mobile security system that adopts high-performance anti-shock technology and can function normally while DC input fluctuate in different operation status, in order to help ensure absolute security forarmored truck and the cash it carries.
After a thorough investigation and research, the head office of China Merchants Bank decided to use DS-8003HM-12 Network Mobile DVRs from Hikvision, the leading digital security products supplier with the headquarters in China, in its armored trucks.
DS-8003HM-12 Network Mobile DVR, specially designed for mobile applications, adopts H.264 video compression technology to enhance efficiency of data processing and supports real‐time viewing and playback with the resolution up to 4CIF. One of the highlights of the product is itsstrong power management capability to protect the devices against fluctuation of voltage -- the voltage brings down to 7V when vehicle is launching and ascends above 16V when it is braking. If device doesn't allow wide range of DC input, it would restart when the voltage is low. AndDS-8003HM-12 DVR, with the power input range between 6V and 36V, is a perfect mobile security solution for such critical security applications.
In addition, the anti-shock technology of DS-8003HM-12 DVR makes the product function normally when vehicle is operating. The GPS module embedded in the DVR can help security staffs locate the truck via e-map on the client software.Besides, alert signal can be sent out to per-set security personnel for taking necessary actionswhen there is an emergency.
Hikvision's DS-8003HM-12 Network Mobile DVR has been providing high quality security and secured environment for the armored trucks of China Merchants Bank head office since 2006. Besides, Hikvision’s Mobile DVRs have served in various transportation departments, including City Bus Security System, City Police Command Vehicle Security System, and Traffic Police Vehicle Security System in major cities, such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xi’an.

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