At this time of year, our thoughts turn to the heartwarming idea of a long summer break enjoying sun and sea. Though it is unlikely that we can go on a typical summer activity that we’ve loved, hopefully a nice relaxing break is still possible.


But no matter where and how we will relax this summer, before we start packing we also feel a little anxious. Not just because we wonder what we should pack, but also about things that are left behind! We want to make sure everything is safe and sound during our travels. Now Hikvision has embedded both its AcuSense AI technology and its low-light ColorVu technology. This combination creates a powerful hybrid, providing 4K ultra HD color to see a scene clearly, and the intelligence to be able to recognize a security breach. What’s more, all these can be accessed and viewed remotely using Hik-Connect app on your smartphone or tablet.


With this triumvirate of combined technologies and abilities, you can enjoy a laid-back life.



Richard Xing
Product Manager


Overview of the new trends in the SMB security market
Colorful Imaging, Day and Night – Hikvision ColorVu technology
False Alarm Reduction with AI – Hikvision AcuSense technology
Keeping You Informed on the Go – The Hik-Connect app
Leave your worries behind with cool security technology
Prize quiz

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