O que oferecemos

Hikvision’s Mobile Onboard Video System is designed for easier and smarter supervision, scheduling, and emergency response of buses, taxis, trucks, and other types of vehicles. The system enables real-time monitoring of vehicles’ interior and their surroundings along with high precision positioning of vehicles. The system’s video analytics capabilities ensure that abnormal driving behaviors can be promptly and accurately detected and drivers can be instantly reminded or alerted, protecting them and their passengers from potential incidents. Should an incident such as pickpocketing or traffic accident occur, video footage with key data can be exported to law enforcement agencies as forensic evidence. The system also features a powerful platform software for live view, video playback, GIS map, device health monitoring, emergency alarms, and more. 

Bus Solution

As an important traveling mode that can relieve traffic pressure, improve travel experience, and reduce environmental pollution, buses play an indispensable role in the urban transportation. How to improve their operation efficiency, services, and public safety is a new challenge for the development of the public transport industry. Hikvision has the expertise to provide a complete bus security system, providing a full set of intelligent solutions that include video monitoring, anomaly detection and alarming, advanced driver assistance, 360° surround view.