The Retail Sector has long embraced efficient tools such as ERP and CRM systems to improve automation and gather data. These systems offer valuable assets to companies  that need help discovering trends and marketing phenomena. Getting to the bottom of these things, however, requires incorporating off-line data – the reflections of aggregate behaviors and preferences in the real world.

Hikvision biedt een uitgebreid assortiment producten die gegevens verzamelen, analyses uitvoeren en multidimensionale datafusie uitvoeren. Using devices already installed for a security system, you can now gain a deeper understanding of your customers as a group, observe business patterns, increase operational efficiency, and utilize the right tools to ensure shoppers walk out of your store with smiles and merchandise – while still enjoying all the benefits that a security system brings.


Conventional online data refers to information generated from POS, CRM, SAP, and OA systems, as well as other internet-originated information. Many stores are already equipped with some or all of these tools as part of their daily operations. These systems focus on different stages of the entire sales process, providing information on both internal and external groups



Offline data serves as complementary information for stores. Offline data is a visualized and digitized representation of consumer patterns and behaviors in a retail environment, including customer flow, regional attention, dwell times, and more





The system uses devices installed in various locations of the store for this added purpose. With a rich portfolio of products and advanced capabilities, Hikvision devices collect various kind of data accurately. On top of the data are applications that cater to specific business needs. All of these capabilities and functions are conveniently accessible by 3rd-party platforms, per your preference. 

System Design and Openness

Customer Traffic Flow Analysis

Knowing how many people visited your store and being able to analyze the patterns and trends of shoppers are crucial to any kind of store, big or small. Managers and owners are already acquainted with this function in most places. Data is the essential ingredient for expanded analyses.

For example, identifying peak shopping times improves schedule management, comparing customer flow before and after a promotional event shows its effectiveness, and so on. Large shopping malls can also utilize this tool for cross-store or cross-type business analyses, allowing the management team to optimize stationed stores and strategize key locations for varying types of businesses. 



Hikvision heeft klanten geholpen bij het verzamelen van de meest accurate gegevens. The new people counting camera is now able to recognize repetitive entries or non-shoppers (including staff, securities, or visitors just walking through the store) and exclude such data. In high-value stores, such as jewelers, luxury stores, or 4S dealerships, the conversion rate mainly relies on staff performance. Therefore, acquiring accurate data, such as the exact number of incoming customers, is important for operational analysis.


Customer Attribute Analysis

Onze oplossing biedt niet alleen functionaliteit om de verkeersgegevens van klanten te analyseren, maar vat ook de belangrijkste kenmerken van uw klanten samen, zodat u beter gefundeerde beslissingen kunt nemen. For example, if a large percentage of your customer group fits into a certain age or gender group, you may consider focusing more on selling things that they are interested in. Klantkenmerken zoals gelaatsuitdrukking en andere gegevens helpen winkels om klantprofielen beter te ontwikkelen en inzicht te krijgen in de voorkeuren van klanten.

Gebruik deze functie op verschillende winkellocaties voor meerdere toepassingen en doeleinden. For example, applying customer attribute analysis at the entrance of the store helps you gain information about the overall characteristics of customers. Then, integrating that with the POS system, you will be able to associate customer attribute labels with the actual goods purchased. Marketers can use these and other tools to conduct in-depth analyses and improve product selection in many ways.


Specialty shops see high operating costs and high-value products, thus conversion rates and area effectiveness are the main focus. Trouwe VIP-klanten zijn enorm waardevol voor dergelijke winkels, maar servicemedewerkers kunnen ze niet altijd direct herkennen. Wanneer klanten akkoord gaan met deelname aan VIP-programma's, marketingpromoties of andere acties, biedt gezichtsherkenningstechnologie detailhandelaren een nauwkeurig instrument om VIP's en loyale klanten te identificeren. Het personeel kan op de hoogte worden gesteld om de juiste diensten op het juiste moment te leveren.

Precisiemarketing op basis van VIP-herkenning helpt speciaalzaken om een betere winkelervaring te bieden, wat nu meer en meer de bepalende factor wordt bij aankoopgedrag. 

Area Attention Analysis



Lokale Heat Map

Gegevens die laten zien welke gebieden het meest bezocht worden, kunnen bijzonder nuttig zijn voor bedrijfsinzichten. In het schappengedeelte markeert de heat-mapping-technologie de populariteit van afzonderlijke schappen. In combinatie met andere informatie worden problemen met artikelen zichtbaar. For example, if you see an area is highly visited but the product sales volume is low, you can further reason whether that’s because the current products or brands lack attraction, or that the products are going to expire soon.





Globale Heat Map

Met behulp van een plafondinstallatie met meerdere fish-eye-camera's kan het systeem globale heat map-gegevens voor de hele winkel genereren. Deze informatie helpt managers om te zien waar de "hot areas" zich bevinden en om een betere producttoewijzing voor promotieacties mogelijk te maken. In combinatie met de verkoopgegevens vormen de heat map-gegevens een geweldig hulpmiddel voor het managementteam om inzicht te krijgen in winkelpatronen.






Wachttijden kunnen een zeer nadelig effect hebben op de klantervaring in een winkel. Wachtrijcamera's zijn ontworpen om wachtrijen in real-time te bewaken en meldingen te versturen als er te veel mensen in de rij staan. Along with response times, managers can also check on queue data to evaluate staff  performance and track efficiency improvements.

Example: If the statistics show long dwell times but the sales volume did not see a big increase, the problem might be low efficiency of a cashier. 

Digital Signage and Advertising Management






With the advertising management function, chain stores can now centrally manage and unify their advertisements, helping to create uniform and powerful advertising campaigns.

Digital signage can also display various kinds of media, ranging from photos and PDF files to promotional videos, audio, and more. 

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