90 m Mini RG59 Coaxial Cable with Power Cable

  • 90 m reliable coaxial cable with power cables
  • Excellent transmission performance using solid copper
  • Full diameter and full length
  • High shielding performance via high braiding density
  • Great flame resistance.

  • General
  • Impedance 75ohms
  • Conductor
  • MateriaalBare copper
  • Wire Gauge26AWG
  • Diameter0.41±0.01mm
  • Insulation
  • MateriaalFPE
  • Diameter 2.0±0.1mm
  • Tape
  • MateriaalCopper foil
  • Braid
  • MateriaalCopper clad aluminum magnesium
  • Braiding Standard5*16*0.12mm ±0.008mm
  • Braiding Density≥80%
  • Jacket
  • MateriaalPVC
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