De interactieve tablets van vandaag worden steeds meer gebruikt vanwege hun diverse functies. Where simply used to view in the past, screens are now used for sharing, discussions and demonstrating, using a variety of media. Hikvision products lead the curve in these flexible solutions bringing innovative technologies to create a fully interactive HD screen.

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  •  4K Ultra HD Definition: see more detail
  •  Resistant crystal screen: Hardness (to Mohs 7) means low risk of damage and scratches
  • Anti-glare Panel: Bright light and fingerprints are no problem
  • Android 8.0 operating system: better performance, compatible with more functions
  • Supports 14 languages
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Flexible annotation

Adding notes as you work or learn is an integral part of the process, recording facts and inspiration. These interactive screens allows users to annotate anytime, anywhere. There’s a choice of brush color and thickness which writes to an accuracy of 1mm using 20-point IR touch technology.

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Wireless projection

Content can be wireless sent to the screen, using it as an AP hotspot. This allows users to control their content presentation using the screen, even when it’s on their laptop or mobile device. Screens can support wireless projections of up to 4 devices simultaneously.

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Built-in whiteboard software

Software is included to turn the screen into a fully-functional white board. It can support more than one person writing at a time, and allows zooming in and out to focus on details as they work. There’s no limitation of pages and the content can be saved and shared by email or QR code.

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Video conferencing

The screens can be used for fluid and seamless video conferencing, using Zoom, Teams, and Webex platforms. They are equipped with 4K USB camera, an omnidirectional microphone, OPS box (to support Windows), making a complete video conferencing solution.


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