Hikvision embarks on second pan-European roadshow in 2019

Hikvision embarks on second pan-European roadshow in 2019


Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, will hold a new roadshow experience in 2019, hosted in a truck. From February to July, three separate trucks will visit 70 European cities. Under the theme “Embracing Convergence for Success”, Hikvision shows its integrated solutions comprising video surveillance, intrusion, alarm and access control coupled with the latest advances in AI technology to interested parties all over Europe.


At the core of the show lies the integration of products and services into a total solution, with a focus on small and medium business (SMB) needs. This total solution includes the simplified management of all channels - whether video surveillance, intrusion prevention or access control - into one platform. For Hikvision, integration is a critical factor for success as it enables partners and customers to save time and resources, making their systems easier to use and expand as well as outputs easier to analyse, for example with integrated, multi-channel heat maps for retail businesses.


“We are looking forward to demonstrating how our products enhance system capabilities and simplify all aspects of installation and video management while enabling installers to easily integrate different channels for their SMB end users,” says Peter Guan, Director of Channel Sales and Marketing at Hikvision Europe. “After last year’s success, we are very excited to be doing a new roadshow in a truck. This time, we will not just show the breadth of our products, but also the added value of our software and integration possibilities to our customers at all levels in the supply chain. We are also looking forward to welcoming KPMG as our keynote cybersecurity speaker at 10 of our roadshow stops.”


You could please sign up for your attendance via this page: https://content.hikvision.com/hikvision-europe-2019-roadshow-embracing-convergence-for-success

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