HikCentral Enterprise Series is platform software designed to suit the needs of four common vertical industries: commercial buildings, retail, industrial parks, and education. With video as the core competency, the HikCentral Enterprise Series boasts a combination of IoT technology, face recognition, AI, big data analysis, and more, meeting management needs of enterprises with unified and smart applications. What’s more, as an open platform, HikCentral Enterprise can be easily integrated with other third-party systems.



HikCentral Enterprise – Commercial is a central management platform for commercial buildings that integrates security information by unifying video security, access control, parking lots, and other systems. The interactive mapping function enables intuitive management of each resource – alarm inputs and outputs, cameras, hot regions, and historical alarm searching. Additionally, its broad functionality makes possible the integrated implementation, configuration, and resource management of various systems.


HikCentral Enterprise-Commercial V1.1.1 >


HikCentral Enterprise-Retail is an retail central management platform that help retailers improve in-store service and increase store profits. HikCentral Enterprise-Retail is suitable for small or middle-sized chain stores. It increases the effectiveness and efficiency, compared with traditional on-field store audit. It provides functions such as customer traffic analytics, customer group analytics, heat map, area popularity analytics, remote audit, etc., thus meeting the requirements of retailers about operation management, consumption management, etc.


Retail Solution >

HikCentral Enterprise-Retail V1.0.0 >


HikCentral Enterprise – Industrial is a central management platform for industrial parks. It is designed for industrial sites in manufacturing and logistics operations. Built on the Internet of Things, it integrates advanced technologies, improving production efficiency and product quality. It provides functions such as AI-model management, AR scenario applications, dock management, parcel tracking, data dashboard, and more. 


Industrial Parks >

HikCentral Enterprise-Industrial V1.0.0 >


HikCentral Enterprise – Education is a central management platform for educational institutions. The platform is positioned in the context of educational informatization, and provides functions such as education sharing, facial recognition classroom attendance, video security, access control, and alarm management for safety and instructional management, helping educational institutions create the best environment for smart teaching while meeting safety precautions. Thus it stands to provide significant help in the development of education.


Education >

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