Retail stores generate huge amounts of offline data, day in, day out. A large part of that data, however, is scarcely tapped into. Based on Hikvision's AI-powered video technology, you can now make full use of valuable data collected from your brick-and-mortar stores, and then visualize and utilize that data for business insights, actionable intelligence, and smarter store operations.


Walk-in Rate – Extend your awareness of customer traffic


Walk-in Rate is the critical retail operation KPI that Indicates where sales opportunity lies. Hikvision offers an AI-based solution on the extended customer traffic data with its multi-intelligence DeepinView camera to facilitate sophisticated operation analysis.


Conversion rate – Generated with valid customer traffic


This advantageous feature helps eliminate invalid traffic generated by store staff and repetitive visits by customers, and get a highly accurate understanding of actual customer traffic and conversion rate. It is especially useful for high-value stores like jewelry and luxury stores and car dealers.

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