Streamlining plant security at CCL Design in Hungary

Streamlining plant security at CCL Design in Hungary



Many companies struggle with balancing their security needs with a desire to control costs. In the end a strong bottom line provides a different kind of security, for both owners and employees. CCL Design in Hungary needed to upgrade the security of their manufacturing plant to maintain this balance – and reseller Derik Hungaria built the right solution with Hikvision products.

CCL Design Hungary Ltd manufactures product identification and marking products, like durable labels and permanent marking.  From a manufacturing plant in Tatabánya, they serve the various markets and industries in the CEE region, like automotive, electronics, pharma, and logistics.

CCL Design’s property security was previously provided by a 24-hour permanent on-site asset management service. The security service was patrolled at night, and the arrival of guests and suppliers was reported to the office. One of the main goals of the new solution was to streamline the system so that fewer man hours were needed to monitor the site. Monitoring the output of a number of cameras can be extremely time-consuming, and after a while, the chance of human error can grow. This means that a potential threat could be missed.

The solution was made up of EXIR IP cameras, NVR and IP entry phones. The cameras were used to protect the exterior and interior areas of the plant and the entry phones were placed at the entrances.

The output of the cameras is connected to the alarm system using an NVR. One smart benefit of the system is line crossing which is set as a separate alarm. All the cameras are infrared, and the crossing of the pre-defined ‘virtual’ lines not only causes an alarm, but is also recorded, so the alarm can also be verified.

The entry phones deliver the functionality to receive the call from anywhere in the world via the Hik-Connect connection to a mobile phone. This means that any visits ‘out of business hours’ can be dealt with remotely.

The images of potential burglars can easily be checked by Hikvision’s Remote Monitoring Software to filter out false signals. If it turns out to be a genuine threat, an external service can dispatch qualified guards to the site. H265+ compression also means lower bandwidth, so the iVMS software can handle remote management seamlessly.

Service options are also being transformed, possible system failures can be identified more quickly by setting up email notifications, and firmware updates can be remotely performed. With these options, the service level increases and both the installer and the customer can make the updates at a lower cost and more efficient.

Updating the system has meant CCL Design benefits from a much more streamlined security function with reduced man hours needed. The most important tasks, like IT-security, handling resources and products are still managed by CCL Design. However, simple tasks, like personal and vehicle access control, perimeter protection are managed by partner companies, service suppliers, by manpower of the guards on site. For example, thanks to the analytic capability of the new system, intruders can be detected automatically and operators need only check the triggering events of the alarms.

This has led to a cost-saving for the company which meant the system had paid for itself within one year.

Péter Szeidemann, Managing Director of CCL Design, says: “We chose Derik Ltd. to protect our company with a remote alarm and camera system of our Tatabánya plant. Thanks to Hikvision's advanced analytical tools and remote access, on-site property protection has been transformed and the site can now be effectively guarded with a minimal on-site team.”

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