Goodbye to shrinkage: how a leading French logistics provider is protecting its site and supply chain with Hikvision

Goodbye to shrinkage: how a leading French logistics provider is protecting its site and supply chain with Hikvision



Supply chain shrinkage is a major issue for logistics companies of all types and sizes. To protect goods from the loading docks to their final destinations, a leading French logistics provider has deployed a Hikvision smart video solution that combines thermal imaging cameras for perimeter protection, PTZ cameras to track targets of interest, and fixed wide-angle bullet cameras to constantly monitor goods handling areas. The solution, deployed by security systems integrator VK Electronic, is helping the company boost end-to-end security, maximize operating efficiency, and streamline compliance with transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) standards.



Challenge – protecting goods throughout the supply chain

Keeping the supply chain secure is a mission critical concern for all logistics providers. They need to ensure that goods can be taken in, processed, and delivered without delays or losses. As such, this is a key requirement for one of France’s leading logistics companies which needs to track and trace all shipments and orders from loading docks, right through to their final destinations.


To ensure that goods are protected in its facility from when they enter to when they leave, the company needed to ensure that its perimeter was totally secure, and that any intrusion events could be detected, tracked, and stopped. They also needed a system that could track goods coming into the facility, and orders going out, to prevent tampering or theft across all site processes and locations.


Finally, they needed to ensure compliance with Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) standards, which set minimum requirements for security and supply chain resilience.



Solution – smart, integrated cameras on the perimeter

To ensure supply chain security across its facility and processes, the logistics company has deployed an innovative smart video solution from Hikvision. The project, which was delivered in partnership with a leading French security systems integrator, VK Electronic incorporates a wide range of Hikvision cameras that protect both the site perimeter, as well as recording high-definition video footage of indoor stock-handling areas to prevent losses due to theft.


The solution uses Hikvision Hikvision PTZ cameras with linkage to a Bi-spectrum bullet camera (DS-2TX3742) to monitor the perimeter and to detect intrusions in real time. In the event of a perimeter wall being breached, an alert is sent immediately to the security team, supporting fast, effective responses. With integrated AI capabilities, the cameras can recognize human targets, helping to minimize false alarms and ensuring that the security team can focus on genuine security threats.


In the event of a suspected security breach, the Hikvision thermal cameras use the ‘smart linkage system’ to communicate with other security cameras positioned around the site, and to track suspected intruders – keeping the security team informed of their locations. This means that perpetrators can be apprehended faster ensuring that any damage or losses related to the break-in are captured by the cameras.


The Hikvision cameras are equipped with DarkFighter technology, which provides crystal clear images of security incidents, even in extremely low light conditions and at night. This ensures that no security incident goes undetected, and that high quality, full-color images are available for analysis and for use as evidence.


The Hikvision solution also incorporates smart cameras for monitoring loading docks (DS-2CD2143G2-IS) and indoor goods-handling areas are monitored 24 hours a day using Hikvision Super Wide Angle Fixed Bullet Cameras (DS-2CD2T45G0P-I). These cameras are configured and positioned to monitor the flow of goods through the facility and detect anomalies that could suggest mishandling of shipments or orders, errors, theft, and other risks to supply chain security and resilience.


As an additional benefit, the Hikvision smart video solution integrates seamlessly with the logistics company’s chosen Video Management System (VMS), from a leading VMS partner. This means that the VMS can receive live feeds from Hikvision cameras and generate alerts when a suspected security breach occurs. Alarms can also be delivered to members of the security team reliably via a smart client on their mobile devices.


The variety and capabilities of Hikvision products, and their seamless integration with the VMS, meant that the logistics provider was able to deploy a smart, fit-for-purpose, site-wide security solution both quickly and at the lowest possible cost.


The company’s spokesperson says, “Today, our security team can respond far more quickly and effectively against all types of security threats. What’s more, all of our processes can be measured effectively against industry best practices and certified against TAPA requirements, demonstrating our standing as a logistics partner with world-class quality and security standards.”


With the Hikvision solution, the logistics provider is entering a new, more secure phase of operations with improved protection against supply chain shrinkage. 

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