Hikvision releases panoramic camera range with ColorVu for wide field of view in vivid color

Hikvision releases panoramic camera range with ColorVu for wide field of view in vivid color



May 11, 2022 – Hikvision has released a new range of panoramic cameras that use integrated ColorVu technology to provide vivid and full-color video imaging for a wide field of view in light conditions as low as 0.0005 lux: nearly total darkness. 


Large areas can be very difficult to secure, often requiring multiple cameras to provide full coverage. With traditional cameras, monitoring these kinds of area can also be difficult in low light conditions, or at night. 


To address all of these challenges, Hikvision has integrated ColorVu into our industry-leading panoramic cameras, which use the 'image fusion' algorithm to stitch together images from two side-by-side lenses for a seamless, 180-degree view. 


The results are reduced equipment requirements (with fewer cameras needed to cover large areas); improved situational awareness based on a single, wide-angle image and no blind spots; and the ability to capture every detail in full color – even in near-total darkness.


A super-wide angle view, with no blind spots

Hikvision image fusion technologies in the new panoramic cameras provide significant benefits over traditional wide-angle cameras. By using 'pixel-level' matching between the images from the left-side and right-side sensors, this prevents any blind spots, or image 'twisting', or 'distortion'. 


Equally importantly, the image fusion process includes both brightness and color processing technologies that ensures consistency across the entire wide-angle image. This is a significant improvement vs. traditional panoramic cameras, which do not compensate for the different lighting conditions experienced by left- and right-side lenses.


AI capabilities that further boost security 

All models in the new panoramic camera range use Hikvision AcuSense AI technology to differentiate between real security threats and other moving objects such as animals, falling leaves, and heavy rain. This helps security teams to focus on real security incidents, and to minimize costly false alarms. 


Additionally, the devices can be equipped with Hikvision Live Guard sound and light alarms, which deter would-be trespassers from entering sites or buildings – preventing losses or damage to property and improving safety. 


Ideal for multiple scenarios and locations 

The new panoramic cameras provide reliable 24x7 security in a wide range of expansive indoor and outdoor locations. These include parking lots, parks, scenic areas, farms, stadiums, and traffic intersections. 


Find out more

To discover more about the key features and capabilities of Hikvision’s new panoramic cameras equipped with ColorVu technology, visit the website. You can also contact us for product specifications, or to schedule a meeting. 

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