Hikvision’s Innovation Summit evolves into online Summit Series

Hikvision’s Innovation Summit evolves into online Summit Series

Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, will hold a series of online events to replace the Innovation Summit which was cancelled in March due to corona virus restrictions. The Summit Series will be held under the theme “Discover. Connect. Expand.”, reflecting the virtual nature of the original theme of “Discover. Collaborate. Expand.” In a series of four online sessions, Hikvision will showcase its integrated solutions with various technology partners, giving visitors a taste of how combined solutions can energize their prospective markets, and to share market trend insights.


Customers and other industry players will be able to see what the powerful combination of Hikvision and its technology partners can bring to four specific market sessions:


25 May - Healthcare

3 June – Retail

8 June - Security

16 June - Airport.


There will be a chance for attendees to ask questions in a Q&A element built in at the end of each event.


With an R&D capability of 16,000 engineers across eight R&D centers, Hikvision is at the forefront of developing technology for a wide range of solutions. A cornerstone of the Hikvision partner ecosystem is the Technology Partner Program (TPP). Together, Hikvision and its technology partners combine expertise, skills, technological understanding, and industry focus to deliver optimum solutions, expand business scope, and increase profitability.


“Like everyone today, we have had to think laterally to make our innovation event happen in these difficult times,” says Derek Yang, General Manager of Hikvision Europe. “We have a rich ecosystem of partners that complement our own portfolio of solutions, and we are focusing on the most topical and relevant in the online Innovation Summit Series. This still represents a new way of working together, and will lead to development of cutting-edge new solutions to meet the needs of our customers.”


Click here for more information, and to register for the Summit.

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