Hikvision Online Sales Management Policy

Hikvision Online Sales Management Policy

As the leading video product manufacturer in the world, HIKVISION remains fully focused on providing quality service to our valued partners and end users. It is well known that professional HIKVISION products (“Products”) are highly technical devices that require substantial product knowledge for the best possible system design, installation, support, and maintenance that our customers and end users deserve. To ensure the best advice, technical support, and genuine HIKVISION products and accessories can be received,it is only permitted to sell the Products through websites which in all material respects (including, but not limited to, functionality, ease of use, layout and design) are:

a.         commensurate with the quality and prestige of the Products and HIKVISION's brand;
b.         the functional equivalent of any "bricks and mortar" shops operated by the distributors or partners.


Further, HIKVISION would invite every distributor and partner to join us and take the measures for the management of the internet sales shown below:

1.         The web pages reference a call center effectively capable of dealing with all potential technical pre-sales enquiries from end-users.
2.         It includes an online live demo showroom for HIKVISION products.
3.         That any customer acquiring a product through an online channel be offered the solution and install service or the option of having its product installed by a suitable installer, with a detailed price list of different services.
4.         There should be provision of first-line post-sales services to end-users for products sold online; the reception desk and tracking system for the acceptance of Products in need of repair (whether under warranty or otherwise) and their dispatch to and from the service facilities of HIKVISION or its suppliers.

For more information, please contact your local sales rep.

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