Hikvision’s artificial intelligence roadshow to tour through Europe from February until June

Hikvision’s artificial intelligence roadshow to tour through Europe from February until June



Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, will be touring Europe with its new artificial intelligence (AI) experience in a truck from February until June 2018. Visitors are invited to discover the exciting new world of intelligent surveillance with Hikvision’s new innovations.  

Three separate trucks will be travelling through various European regions, visiting a total of 71 cities. Their routes will take the trucks through South Western Europe, South Eastern Europe and North Western Europe. Visitors can climb aboard the Hikvision experience and discover technologies, such as face recognition, and see live demonstrations as well as presentations on cutting-edge topics such as cybersecurity.

“AI and Deep Learning have taken the IT industry by storm”, says Peter Guan, Channel and Marketing Manager at Hikvision Europe. “We are harnessing its power in our new products. During our roadshow, we don’t just want to show our participants how our innovations in surveillance technology make invisible intelligence visible and useable. We also want to show what is possible when surveillance is powered by artificial intelligence.”

For further information on the dates and locations of the AI roadshow stops, interested parties are invited to click here or get in touch with their local Hikvision contact person.


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