Hikvision and SeeTec optimise surveillance feed management



Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, enjoys a successful partnership with SeeTec, a pioneer in IP-based video security. This relationship will be celebrated and showcased on the Hikvision stand at Security Essen this year.
One of the leading solution providers for video management in Europe, SeeTec has been developing professional software solutions for more than 20 years. The SeeTec Cayuga VMS manages all feeds generated by surveillance cameras, enabling holistic video monitoring at a glance - centrally on site or remotely via different client options.
SeeTec Cayuga offers support for the 3D positioning on Hikvision’s PanoVu camera models, so users can focus the cameras directly onto an area of interest. They do this by simply creating a rectangle on the area on one of the fixed camera streams. The connected PTZ camera will automatically move to that area and zoom into the focus of the rectangle, showing the desired video footage at full resolution and frame rate. SeeTec Cayuga can manage all of the nine streams from the PanoVu camera individually, but the real value of the integration is the stitching of four fixed camera streams to provide a 180° field of view. Visitors to Security Essen will be able to find out more about this on the Hikvision booth.
These integrated technologies are particularly relevant to solutions in finance, logistics, retail and city surveillance scenarios.
SeeTec has developed a ‘Smart Driver’ based on Hikvision’s native ISAPI interface. This means that users can easily add any new Hikvision camera immediately without the need to wait for any new driver packages or software updates.
The two companies are also working on further integrations to mutually enhance their offering to market in the future.

“As a manufacturer independent software, SeeTec Cayuga supports a large number of different cameras from all leading camera providers”, explains Daniel Bechler, Head of Project Engineering & Alliances at SeeTec. “However, when a new, innovative camera series like the Hikvision PanoVu is coming to market we try to make sure that we offer the option to make use of all the camera features with our smart drivers, in order to make the deployment of the new camera model as easy as possible.”
“Empowering partners is very important to us at Hikvision”, says Jens Berthelsen, Partner Alliance Manager for Hikvision Europe. “Our work with SeeTec is a great example of using partner expertise to further enhance the solution for an end user, making them more specifically tailored to their needs with fully integrated technology.”

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