Combining color and AI for situation clarity

Two hands and the Vitruvian Man


“The mind of the painter must resemble a mirror, which always takes the colour of the object it reflects...” Leonardo da Vinci


Da Vinci recognized the importance of color in making scenarios visually realistic. This is an apt quote, since he was also famous for being an innovator. Powerful benefits often come from combining innovations, and Hikvision has done just that, adding AcuSense AI technology to its low-light ColorVu technology. This combination creates a powerful hybrid, providing 4K ultra HD color to see a scene clearly and the intelligence to be able to recognize elements within it. All in all, this means security operators can be more efficient by seeing more and understanding what they are seeing, with reduced false alarms.



See it clearly…

Research shows that color is important to aid clarity, improving object recognition1. It also shows us that in the CCTV world, there is a ‘strong correlation’ between camera performance and color fidelity2.


This is why security camera manufacturers pay a lot of attention to improving the color quality of their camera images. Hikvision ColorVu cameras are able to capture high-definition, full-color images in low light conditions. This comes from two specific breakthroughs in hardware technologies: advanced sensors, with 3D Digital Noise Reduction and a F1.0 Super Aperture that collects much more light than a conventional camera. Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios (down to 0.0002 lux), ColorVu cameras guarantee video with colorful details when they are needed.



A next-generation series of ColorVu cameras (DS-2CD2XX3G2) goes even further, using 4K Ultra high definition (UHD) to deliver crisp images that give operators richer detail. These can be particularly useful when they need to be able to see smaller objects, like licence plate numbers.


This extra color can, for example, mean the difference between distinguishing one item for another – or even between seeing a person, or not!


Understand it quickly…

One of the drivers for a security system is to automate processes. This makes things easier to manage, and more cost effective. But the downside to automation can be an excess of false alarms, caused by cameras reacting to ‘no-threat’ incidents.


Hikvision AcuSense technology uses AI algorithms to distinguish between people, vehicles, and other moving targets such as rain, leaves and animals.


When motion is detected, the system analyzes whether or not it is associated with a human or a vehicle, and whether an alarm should be triggered. This means alarms are only triggered when preset intrusion types are detected, allowing security teams to focus on the real threats and act.


This allows security teams to act on incidents that matter. Alarms are only triggered when real threats are detected – allowing security teams to respond faster and more effectively.


It also means they can search back through footage using object classification, making investigation quicker and easier.



A powerful combination

These two technologies have been combined in the new EasyIP series, giving the best of both worlds. They are able to deliver much clearer, vivid color images helping operators to see the scene clearly. The addition of AcuSense technology means that they can understand much more readily what they are looking at, and automated alerts have a far lower false alarm rate, with more than 98% alarm accuracy.


This can be of particular use in perimeter protection solutions, which is always a challenge for large retail and logistics parks, for example. With the new ColorVu cameras, security teams can monitor the perimeter 24x7 and react quickly to any breaches before assets or people are put at risk. AcuSense can also provide vehicle recognition, even to the detail of the license plate - to trigger automated alerts for suspected security breaches. 


It seems Da Vinci was right – it’s important to have color and realism to accurately see and identify objects. Using cutting edge innovations together – Like ColorVu and AcuSense – the view of a scene can be dramatically improved. This means security operators have more visibility and tools at their disposal to accurately judge a situation and act efficiently. Who knows, this technology could even be used to protect the grand master’s artworks or innovations, bringing the story full circle!


The Contribution of Color to Object Recognition

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