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Customer satisfaction, staff management, budget control...  Every business owner is a multitasker, stretched in all directions to make sure everything works the way it needs to. And of course keeping everyone and everything safe and secure is a high priority.


This is a challenge. But there is a way forward.

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Reset assured with all-around protection

Synergize future-ready technologies

  • An active line of defense
  • Easier-than-ever access
  • Reliable detectors & alarms
  • Smart app control

AI-powered video security systems do more than just keep you alert to on-camera activity. They also act automatically and proactively to thwart security risks around your perimeters and at your entrances – anytime and in any light. 


View in color, even in darkness


Darkness is the perfect cover for vandals and burglars…right? Not in our case! With our flagship ColorVu Technology for low-light imaging, security cameras render vivid color and detail in dim light, even down to 0.0005 lux – the equivalent of starlight on a moonless night. Whenever you access your ColorVu-enabled camera to check for activities on your site, you see it in color, even during dark hours.


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Get accurate trespass alarms with AI


Fed up with false alarms triggered by falling leaves and headlights? Then count on our AcuSense Technology to keep you notified of real threats only. It triggers accurate trespass alarms for persons, vehicles, or both, depending on your settings. Embedded either in a security camera or a video recorder, the technology uses a single AI chip to take your perimeter protection to a whole new level. 


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Warn or inform with light and sound


You and your security personnel can’t stay vigilant at every second. But when equipped with our Live Guard Function, our security cameras can. Live-Guard-enabled cameras automatically ward off uninvited guests and trespassers with light and sound before they even enter your site or building. Moreover, you can customize audio messages to be broadcasted via your security cameras, for example, as friendly reminders.

Managing and authorizing access to sensitive areas at your place of business is no easy task, and most people have come a long way from using keys, pin codes, and fingerprints. But as technology advances, better solutions have become available.


Touch-free access and attendance


Access control and attendance are equally important for staff management. Hikvision's MinMoe Face Recognition Terminal grants access to authorized persons with recognition speeds under 0.2 seconds and accuracy rates over 99%. You can also use a MinMoe terminal as an efficient, contact-free time-attendance solution.


Learn more about MinMoe Face Recognition Terminals >


Effortless communication with visitors


Hikvision's video intercoms extend your eyes and ears for effortless communication at all times. You can talk to visitors and unlock doors remotely with the Hik-Connect app. The video intercoms feature friendly touchscreens, intelligent authentication methods, and brilliant video quality for easy, intuitive operation for you and your visitors.


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You may have installed alarm equipment from various vendors over the years. They probably work fine independently, but are managed separately and don't become part of a complete system. So now, take a look at Hikvision's AX PRO and AX Hybrid PRO alarm systems, which unify every component for simple-yet-powerful use.