Hik-ProConnect is a convergent, cloud-based solution designed for security service businesses.


  • Proactive System Health Monitoring
  • Remote Configuration and Maintenance
  • Quick Installation Tools
  • Flexible Linkage Across Devices
  • Intuitive Web Portal & Mobile App

Whether it's for installation or maintenance, with Hik-ProConnect in place, security teams can manage multiple sites with power and efficiency. It creates streamlined operational workflow and powerful remote maintenance capability, which can significantly reduce the service providers’ costs and therefore increase your company’s efficiency. 



Reduced Installation Time


Reduced Installation Time


Security teams can:


  • Set up multiple devices at the same time using the batch configuration tool.
  • Complete a comprehensive security system configuration in a friendly and efficient way with the optimized Setup Wizard.
  • Connect various security devices easily using the Hik-ProConnect platform, powered by P2P technology.
Proactive System Health Monitoring


Proactive System Health Monitoring


Security service managers can:


  • Monitor the system health status of multiple sites remotely, using a simple and reliable platform.
  • Get notified about site issues in a timely manner; identify and even resolve issues remotely through the platform.
  • Reduce site visits, saving time and costs.
Converged Security Devices


Converged Security Devices


The Hik-ProConnect solution:


  • Allows various Hikvision devices – including cameras, recorders, security control panels, access control and video intercom devices, and doorbells – to converge and work together as one system.
  • Enables security service managers to flexibly create workflows for different event types, time schedules, and triggered actions according to specific security scenarios.


Open integration with ARC

Site & Roles Management

Hosted Service

Guaranteed System Security

Open integration with Alarm Receiving Center (ARC)


Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) provides 24/7 alarm monitoring and response services from remote sites. ARC customers can integrate Alarm Monitoring Software with Hik-ProConnect to:


  • Connect Hikvision video security and intrusion alarm products  via cloud P2P connection without IP/Domain
  • Realize video verification and alarm receiving from Hikvision devices
Open integration with Alarm Receiving Center (ARC)


Using account management on Hik-ProConnect, you can customize permissions and distribute to security team members as needed – administrators or site managers, for example.


  • Enable accurate and efficient management of the security team
  • Easily assigning and managing roles for each site


Open integration with Alarm Receiving Center (ARC)


Users can benefit a lot from hosted service (VSaaS, video security as a service) features, as Hik-ProConnect is a cloud-based security service platform.


  • The solution is highly flexible and scalable, therefore, upfront fees can be minimized and you can easily expand the system as more sites go up and running
  • Cloud-based software keeps security system always up-to-date
Open integration with Alarm Receiving Center (ARC)


Hik-ProConnect employs industry-leading standards and protocols for maximum security and reliability. 


Powerful security methods and protocols adopted:

  • TLS/SSL protocols for private and secure data transmission
  • User-defined AES encryption key for stream encryption
  • DDoS Shield, Cloud Firewall, Signature Verification

Powered by EZVIZ Cloud Platform, which is certified with CSA Star, ISO 29151, and ISO 27001, and is compliant with SOC2.





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