What we offer

If your business uses any security equipment to monitor assets or areas, then having an efficient switch system is essential. Switches for video security are expected to be even more powerful to make the entire security system works properly – transmitting real-time video streams so important data can be viewed and analyzed, and carrying power to IP cameras via Ethernet cables. This is where Hikvision’s Network Switches comes in.


Featuring smart operation, reliable functions and elevated security, Hikvision’s network switches will meet your increasing network demands for video security from core to edge, while boosting your network by transferring huge amounts of data. When integrated with Hikvision software, our network switches help centralize and visualize the management of nearly all Hikvision IP devices, providing comprehensive operation and maintenance capabilities based on a safe, stable network. 

Smart and simple operation

Visualized topology management

Our network switches recognize nearly all Hikvision IP devices and generate a visualized topology in the management software, which supports searching devices and connection paths.


Network health monitoring

Constant and efficient network health status and alarm notifications will be sent in real-time when the bandwidth consumption exceeds a pre-set threshold.

Real-time alarm notifications

Shown visually on the topology when there is network or device break-down, these alarms speed up maintenance.


Video control and preview

Users enjoy convenient operation of PTZ and other cameras via the topology, launching previews and remote configuration easily.

Solid and reliable performance

6 KV surge protection


A thunderstorm or lightning strikes can generate overvoltage traveling over outdoor cameras to harm the connected devices. Network switches with 6KV surge protection prevents  instantaneous high-voltage energy pulses, greatly extending devices’ service life and enabling continuous power to keep IP cameras running properly without interruption.

PoE watchdog function


When the connected cameras break down or the switch port communication fails, Hikvision network switch can automatically detect the situations and try to restore network communication by restarting the corresponding POE port, thus eliminating security staff’s manual maintenance with intelligent operations.

Long-distance transmission


Security cameras are mostly deployed in outdoor conditions for long-distance monitoring and separated at different locations. To solve this, the transmission distance of our switch goes up to 300 meters in extended mode without extra wiring, enabling stable long-distance transmission for multiple cameras while saving costs and time. 

Hi-PoE supply


Without the need for additional power outlets or electric power cabling, our switch meets the requirements of Hi-PoE power supply for PTZ cameras, ensuring proper operation of your security system. Each Hi-PoE port can deliver up to 60-watt or 90-watt power

Secure network at all times