Sound corporate governance and strict risk management are important pillars for the healthy development of a company. We are committed to creating a transparent, honest and compliant operating atmosphere. We aim to establish an effective accountability mechanism and conform to regulations against corruption, monopoly, and unfair competition to protect the fair interests of the Company as well as our clients and shareholders.

We aim to create an efficient corporate governance structure in order to protect the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders with our management system, and continuously enhance the Company’s value and management transparency.

During the reporting period, independent directors of the Company followed our operation and performed their duties independently in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, offering professional opinions on our systems and routine operational decision-making, in order to improve our supervision mechanism and to protect the interests of the Company, its shareholders, and public shareholders in particular.

The Company held three general meetings of shareholders during the reporting period. All general meetings adopted a combination of on-site voting and online voting to ensure that shareholders are able to exercise their rights. In 2018, the general meetings considered and approved the appointment and removal of members of the fourth Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors as well as 20 proposals, including Proposal on the Amendment to the Authorization Management System, 2018 Incentive Restricted Stocks Plan (Revised Draft) and Summary, and Measures for the Implementation of Restricted Stocks in 2018, etc. In 2018, the Company held 10 board meetings and considered and approved 56 proposals in total.

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